DW899119-19 Decora Natur 5 Wallpaper, Decor: Natural Stone

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Product Code: DW89911919

Categories Faux Wallpaper  Stone Wallpaper  Dekora Natur 5 

Width 21''/53cm
Length 33'/10m
Roll Area
Area 57.7sq.f./5.36sq.m
Color Grey
Material Non Woven
Pasted: Unpasted

DW899119-19 Decora Natur 5 Wallpaper, Decor: Natural Stone

Wallpaper installation has been riddled with challenges over the years. Older paper material was difficult to clean therefore stains were well and truly stubborn. 

Moreover, it allowed moisture to be trapped between the wall and itself, causing the growth of mold and mildew. It was especially unsuited for spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Worst of all, removing old wallpaper was a painstaking job that left bits and pieces of paper that required a lot of patience and effort.

This has all changed with the arrival of our latest wallpaper designs from some of the best European designers, non-woven wallpaper. We have the widest selection spanning across thousands of colors, styles and designs.

The awesome qualities of non-woven wallpaper:

It is made from a special blend of natural and synthetic fiber that makes it easy to clean.

It is strong and tear-resistant, which makes it even easier to install and remove.

The material is breathable. It won’t trap moisture in between the paper and the wall and therefore will not allow the growth of mold or mildew.

It is great for any space, including the kitchen and bathroom

The production of the fiber used to make non-woven wallpaper does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. This makes it so much friendlier to mother earth.

It is so easy to work with, it would be such a fun DIY project. Instead of pasting the paper, paste the wall with a paint roller or brush instead. This will make your work so much easier.

All our paper comes in uniform dimensions

Tools for a simple accent wall DIY project:

Sandpaper to sand the wall lightly and make it smoother

Clean, soapy water and a sponge to thoroughly clean the wall

A large surface to allow you to work the paper

Sharp knife, scissors or razor 

Measuring tape, pencil, and level

A ladder or step stool

A putty knife 

Tips to keep in mind:

Always round up your measurements so you have extra paper to work with in case mistakes happen.

Order all your wallpaper from the same batch to have matching color and shades

Verify the packaging of wallpaper rolls so you do not end up with half or twice as much as you actually need.

The wallpaper has to be level for a good finish. Don’t assume that the wall level is because it may not be. Use a measuring tape, level, and pencil to help you achieve this

Always start with a smooth and clean wall. Sand the wall lightly and then clean it thoroughly.

Cover holes and cracks and sand them over to smoothen them. 

Map out where the seams will lie on the wall before installing the wallpaper. This will help to avoid ending up with a mismatched pattern.

Keep the cuts on wallpaper clean to avoid ripping the paper

Begin installation from the least conspicuous corner of the room

Use a clean, damp sponge to wipe off the excess paste from the walls and the front side of the border as you work

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