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Vintage Wallpaper Borders

There is something about all-things-vintage that makes up for effortless style! Be it clothing, home décor, event decoration, jewelry or anything else- as soon as a vintage look comes in, everything becomes delightful! Many people confuse vintage with old; to some extent that may be true but vintage is more of an old genre of styling that highlights the classic elements and brings in a sense of class.

Vintage wallpaper borders are one such example of a style that continues to be in trend since decades. Be it home, office or a commercial space, vintage wallpaper borders are great for every use. They look subtle and stylish and can greatly enhance the look and feel of any room. Within a home, vintage looks are very popular for the living room but these also look great in the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It is a statement in itself that blends in with other décor elements, yet has a personality of it’s own. Good wallpaper has a great impact on the overall look and appeal of a room. It not just defines the room and the space but also highlights the other elements within.

When selecting a wallpaper, it is important to keep the overall theme of the space in mind. It must blend in well and not look out of place. The best part about a vintage wallpaper border is that it goes well with almost all themes and styles of decoration. You can’t really go wrong with it! At Dream Wall Décor we offer a range of vintage wallpaper borders that can transform the look of any room or corner. We do not compromise on quality and the material we use ensures breathability to protect from mold and mildew formation. While the look, color, pattern and design are important it is even more important to choose quality wallpaper for long term use and durability.

Vintage wallpaper borders are versatile and offer great scope for designing. You can match them with all the other things within the room and at the same time make an independent style statement with just the wallpaper. Designing a space requires attention to detail and it is important to ensure that everything matches your personal taste. You will be surprised how much impact a good or bad choice of wallpaper can have in a room! It’s time to go vintage and bring in style!  

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