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Floral Wallpaper Borders

Imagine yourself walking through a blooming field just as the sun begins to drift warmly towards the west. Rose bushes in all colors. Giant sunflower heads smiling down at you. Orchids, dandelions, magnolias; rows upon rows of endless flora. 

Imagine the buzzing of the bees, the sweet, sticky scent of nectar, the fluttering petals in the breeze. Perfection, right?

What if you could take this warmth out of the field with you and into your own home? What if you wanted just a subtle hint of this gift of nature?

Well, we here at DreamWallDecor had you in mind as we set out to provide the widest selection of floral wallpaper border designs.

This category is the darling of our wallpaper border collection, offering as much diversity as there are flowers across the earth. They are a classic choice for their timeless beauty and elegance.

Why our floral wallpaper borders?

Wallpaper borders are a fantastic way to create a new look or spruce up the current look quickly and easily

They are a great option to break the monotony of a single wall color.

They create the same beautiful effect that wallpaper does without undertaking the task of installing whole wallpaper

As with all our other wallpaper products, they are made of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers that is;

Washable and easy to clean

Breathable, limiting the growth of mold and mildew

Ideal for any spaces, even those with high humidity such as the bathroom and kitchen

Tear-resistant and thus very easy to install

Easy to remove as well

Tips as you check out our floral print options:

Pick out a design that works for you.

Not everyone is a fan of roses. Not everyone is a fan of the color yellow. And yet still, you might adore the brightest prints on the largest petal surfaces.

There are no limits to how far you can go with your uniqueness and individualism. Choose what delights your heart and that of those with whom you share the space.

Select the where to put it

Map out where you’d like to put the wallpaper border. Is it the kitchen lining the base of the wall cabinets? Is it the dining room? Is it the bathroom? Consider the where, and you will be better placed to choose the most ideal print.

Consider the rest of the decor

Consider other elements in the room. Will the paint color match the border you put up? Will the wallpaper border contrast with everything else to bring out a richer finish? 

Your goal is to bring everything together in artistic harmony. As a good choice will blend in, so will mismatched borders stick out like a sore thumb.

Whatever your fancy, we have you covered. Our excellent options aside, we are firm believers that our products are only as good as the service we offer.

To this, we guarantee you a smooth and exemplary shopping experience, offering quality at a pocket-friendly budget. 

Add a pretty floral touch and make any space come alive today!

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