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3 Tips to Choose Wallpaper Borders
11 Oct

3 Tips to Choose Wallpaper Borders

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When you redecorate, the last thing you want is to find a year or two later it is outdated and needs to be redone. This can happen with wallpaper borders if you don’t plan ahead. While you may like something now, within a few years your tastes could change or you may have a new idea for the room. They can also affect the ability to sell your home. They can add beauty and style to a home as long as you take some steps to choose them.

Is It Worth Buying Discounted Wallpaper Borders?

It is likely that you’re trying to stick to a budget. Borders can end up being an expensive option but there are discounted options available. This doesn’t mean that they are cheap, bland or boring. When shopping for discounted wallpaper borders, spend some time looking at the quality and style. Check reviews of the stores selling them. Avoid buying something just because it fits into your budget – if you need to, consider whether you can expand your budget or reduce the money spent on other areas to get high quality borders.

Find Something to Complement the Room

The decorative wallpaper borders need to complement the room. It should compete with other items in the room or stand out for the wrong reasons. Think about the reason for the room and other furniture already in there – or the type of furniture that will be move in there – and then choose the borders that work well with them. A floral pattern may be great if you have plenty of plants in the room but you may find a simple pattern with shapes is better for portraits and other furniture.

Ease of Laying onto the Wall

Wallpaper borders can add a subtle hint of pattern or color but how easy will it be to lay it onto the wall? Walls that are uneven or have been damaged in the past will make it harder to lay any type of wallpaper on naturally, let alone laying borders on straight. You may find that painting a border is better or have to re-plaster the wall.

Choosing wallpaper borders isn’t something to go into lightly. It needs to compliment the room and work with the other furniture. Discounted options don’t always mean tacky but definitely check for reviews and look at the quality of the paper before spending money.