Wallpaper accent walls are the new hit if you are looking to quickly and easily bring a burst of fresh air and a world of difference to your home. Our contemporary and sophisticated assortment of non-woven wallpaper, sourced from the best European designers, is just what you seek. 

 Why non-woven wallpaper?

The unique blend of natural and synthetic material makes it easy to clean. You need not worry about permanent messes or stains anymore!

The fiber is breathable, meaning that it will not hold any moisture and will keep mold and mildew from growing behind it.

It is resistant to tearing and will be very easy to install and also easy to remove.

Because it is so easy to put up, it is excellent for DIY projects. That’s right. You can make your accent wall using simple tools yourself!

How to use modern wallpaper for your ideal accent wall?

Are you wondering what to do with your living room? Set your eye on the focal point of the room, be it the mantelpiece or where the telly rests. Bring more attention to it by accentuating the wall behind, around, or above it with your choice wallpaper in a short time.

How about the kitchen? It is often the ‘busiest’ room, carrying cabinets, counters, not to mention all your pots and pans. Don’t let this limit you from adding a bit of colorful excitement to the walls lining cabinets, above the sink and oven, or on the stand-alone wall. Because the modern varieties are breathable and easy to clean, you will never have to worry about removing any grease stains!

Make the bedroom a more comfortable sanctuary by trying your favorite design behind the headboard or on the wall that carries the window. 

You need not forget the bathroom as the fiber used in modern wallpaper is ideal, even for places with high humidity. Play around with the space around the mirror or cabinets. Your own time will be that much more pleasurable.

Whatever point you desire to make your accent wall, all you need is a pick from our finest selection. What’s more, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your online shopping experience is easy, efficient, and delightful.

We meet all your wallpaper needs.

Whether you’re going for a traditional or more contemporary and futuristic look, a plain or textured finish, a striking or quiet statement, or even for a colored or paintable design, we have just what you need.

Black and white wallpaper

For a blend of power and nobility and purity and light, our black and white wallpaper designs are a perfect contrast to bring out the boldness and elegance that is your personality.

Floral prints

Our floral wallpaper designs are almost as many as the varieties of flowers in full bloom on a warm, spring morning. Whether you’re looking for a tree-and-leaves design that gives you the feel of walking through the woods, or perhaps a Van Gogh mood that reminds you of nature’s beauty on canvas, we have all that and more.

Brick or stone wallpaper 

For a more stoic finish, our brick or stone wallpaper will do just the trick. Create an unfinished look with any of our fantastic designs that is as rugged as it is divine.

Wood prints 

For an earthier feel that reminds you of the great outdoors, our wood wallpaper designs are your pick. Add the warmth and grace that wood finishes bring to a home without actually having to invest in expensive wood material.

Textured wallpaper

For a three-dimensional visual that adds energy and excitement, you can never go wrong with any of our textured styles that come in numerous shades.

Damask designs

These are exquisite for your plans to merge the old and new, creating a sense of timeless beauty and bringing with them a taste of the rich history of Victorian fabrics. Whether for a more traditional finish or for a more modern style, the options are endless.

Geometric prints

These are ideal to bring out your appreciation for lines and shapes coming together in artistic flair. Available in numerous patterns such as diamonds, curves, and more abstract loops, as well as in a wide array of hues, they will effortlessly add an amazing multi-dimensional air to your space.

Striped wallpaper

Are you a fan of the effect that zebra stripes create? Find a great number of stripe designs here that range from simple, neutral colors, to more conspicuous statements, all in varying widths and detail.