Wall Borders
12 Dec

Wall Borders

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To give a nice finishing to a room, the wall borders can be used. There are the simple stick and peel borders also which will create a good fashioned look. By adding wall borders to a wall, one can achieve the stylish look with the mix up of colors. This can be easily repositioned and removed also. The wallpaper borders can be customized according to each room as there is the perfect set of designs for respective rooms.

With the variety of colors and patterns along with the various styles, the wall borders can be used to bring in more character to the room. This can be used to cover up all the rooms or to accentuate one particular room. To bring out the right kind of look there are various types of wallpaper borders ranging from the modern geometric ones to the classic floral patterns. There are also the animal prints which can be used to show a bold look. If you are looking to use a wallpaper border for a small room, then opt for less complicated patterns. This will be apt for the bathrooms particularly.  

Usually, people go with the paper wallpaper border which comes textured. This will help in bringing dimension to the room. The use of foiled paper with the metallic finish will help in creating an illusion of light for darker rooms. Another material that can be used is the vinyl wallpaper border. This is easy to clean and is also easy to install. It is also durable and can be removed swiftly. It is a perfect choice for all the first time users. Since it comes with a waterproof coating it will be an ideal choice for the bathrooms and kitchen areas.

Another material that can be used is the fabric wallpaper border. This is made up of linen and hemp and other natural fibers. It helps in bringing a more natural feel to the house with the sustainable materials. Many first time users go for the peel and stick wallpaper borders. This will be useful in changing the patterns and textures often. A custom look can also be achieved here. There is also the option to paint on the wallpaper borders, according to one’s own choice.

It is important to try out a few samples before finalizing one wallpaper border design. With the right set of wallpaper borders, you can bring in the appropriate finishing touch to the room. Apart from this, a theme can also be brought to the room with a set of designs. For the living room, you can consider the floral designs. The bedrooms and dining rooms can have elegant and classy designs. Or there is the funky retro pattern which you can try for any of these rooms if you are looking to make a bold statement.

In the children's room, one can go for the kids' collection where Disney characters can be made into designs. Other characters from the cartoons can also be brought in to complete the kid's theme in their room.

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