Interior Column: A Gracefully Essential Element of Architecture
30 Mar

Interior Column: A Gracefully Essential Element of Architecture

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Architectural columns have adorned the porches and entrances of several famous building and homes since centuries. This architectural marvel did not lose its luster even though the architectural world has evolved exceptionally. The evolution, in fact, has been advantageous to columns as interior columns were introduced. Today interior columns are available in several designs, styles and can be made using varieties of materials.

Traditional designs are here to stay

Installation of interior columns is not just meant for beautification purpose, these also help by providing support to structures. Though several materials are used to make these, traditional stone and wood columns are still popular. The popularity enjoyed is mainly due to the strength, elegance, and durability these materials provide. The only drawback is stone or wood columns require high maintenance and are not versatility enough when it comes to designs. On the other hand, the newly engineered materials are durable and strong along with providing flexibility in designs and require low maintenance. Though people know this, many prefer traditional stone or wood columns to maintain the historical beauty of the structure.

Consider these points before installing

•    Choose the right size: This is a crucial point to consider. Choosing the right size of the interior column depends on the weight it is supposed to support. A structural engineer can determine this. The load-bearing requirements, the level of the foundation and roof and the spacing between columns all have to be considered before the installation of interior columns.

•    Choosing the right style: Several styles are available today. So customizing designs are not difficult. Choosing the right design is important as small features can make a huge difference in the appearance of the home or building. The different types of styles available are:

o    Tapered/ Non-tapered:  This is a classical style used in columns. I this design the diameter gradually increase from top to bottom. The tapering style is ideal for tall columns, that is, works well on columns installed in high ceiling rooms.

o    Fluted/ Non-fluted: In this design, the columns have vertical grooves or channels running throughout the length of columns. This style gives a decorative touch to the column. Modern homes have fluted columns with dark shades on the grooves or a combination of this with plain base and capital.

o    Round/ square column: This design choice is totally personal preference. Round and square columns are common designs seen in bungalows, famous building, and homes. Choice of this style can vary from individual to individual.

Installation of interior column

The columns available today are lightweight yet strong and come with an easy installation process. Interior column installation is simple as either construction grade adhesive or galvanized drywall screws will do the work. This also requires an only a two-man team to handle the whole work. Newly engineered columns such as fiberglass come in three parts. The installation process begins with attachment of capital followed by a central column and then finally the base. The installed columns can be painted by first cleaning the column and covering the holes or pits. This has to be followed by one coat of primer. Lastly, appropriate oil or latex paint has to be applied to this after the complete drying of the primer.