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Baseboard molding can easily be overlooked in the grand scheme of interior decor. Going at the very bottom of the wall, it may be disregarded and poorly thought out, given less focus than say, a chandelier.

Yet baseboard is as important a trim as any. When well thought out, it provides a superb link between the wall and the floor. It hides uneven surfaces and blemishes, gaps, and any poorly done floor-to-wall job. Baseboard trim will protect the lower wall from damage by vacuum cleaner scrapes and bangs.

Baseboard molding also provides a wonderful base when pairing it with other trim such as wainscoting. Just as crown molding offers a beautiful frame to a room from above, baseboard molding frames a room from the bottom.

There are endless baseboard trim styles and designs in the market today. Ranging from plain and simple to intricate and ornamental, there are options to suit your unique decor needs. Beyond that, there are many great ways to lay out the baseboard molding to make your home or office that much more amazing.

Considerations for baseboard molding installation

     I.        The style of the room

The style of your home or room will play a huge role in the baseboard you choose and how you install it. While baseboard is largely versatile and blends in with most designs, consider other elements such as the crown molding. They do not have to be exactly alike, but crown molding and baseboard that complement each other will contribute to a more polished look.

   II.        The budget

Cost plays a huge role in every investment we make. Baseboard trim is no exception. Thankfully, the options traverse the entire spectrum, with more expensive, highly designed trim on one end and more affordable picks on the other. Choose what works for you and be mindful of the cost to install it, including equipment such as the saws.

  III.        The material

Baseboard trim is made from different materials such as wood, PVC, polystyrene, and polyurethane. Each of these has its unique features and shortcomings as well as price range. Wood molding for instance is pricier than other options owing to the rarity of natural wood resources. Polystyrene molding is much more affordable, though the durability and quality may not be as high.

All DreamWallDecor molding is made from dense, high-quality polyurethane that is moisture, rot, mold, and insect resistant. It is also resistant to warping and cracking. It is light and easy to install. Our baseboard molding is built to last, making it a fantastic buy.

5 Amazing Baseboard Trim Ideas

1.   Good, old-fashioned simple baseboard

It is often said that less is more. This is true even for interior decor. While there are no limits to how eccentric we can get with decorating, a simple touch goes a long way in bringing splashes of color to harmony. What better way to do this than with baseboard.

A simple baseboard is great for walls that have wallpaper, accent walls, or those with more elaborate designs. Often, the plain style is exactly what is needed to accentuate and tone down the decorated space.

This however is not to imply that plain equals boring. On the contrary, you can pick out an interesting trim that is wider at the bottom than the top. You could also match wainscoting with a baseboard that has horizontal gouged lines.

2.   Flat baseboard for a minimalist effect

Sometimes, a simplistic design is exactly what a room needs. This is what a flat baseboard trim offers, especially where you are going for a modern or minimalist look. It will enhance the space without taking the spotlight away from other decor features.

To make the flat baseboard stand out even more, opt for taller options that will add a dramatic effect to the wall. Taller baseboards are especially awesome for high ceiling heights and can make for a nice surface to show off a beautifully-stained wood finish or a quiet accent color.

3.   Recessed baseboard

While normal baseboard sticks out from the wall, recessed molding is designed to tuck into the wall instead. Besides being aesthetically unique, the recessed molding will be better protected from damage by the vacuum cleaner, children, or animals and will not collect dust.

The height of such baseboard trim will vary depending on elements such as where you install it and the ceiling heights. Taller baseboards will make for a more noticeable effect but they must be well placed.

4.   Painted baseboard trim

Most people opt for a white baseboard paint finish. White is an amazing color because it is so versatile and blends in with almost everything else. This however isn’t to mean that you are limited to just this shade.

Coloring the baseboard is a bold move to get it to stand out more. Keeping to the notion of simplicity, choose a neutral color that blends with the rest of the decor such as gray. Opt for a hue that’s not too distinct from the wall colors by selecting one or two shades up or down.

Alternatively, especially where the wall is dramatically colored, try painting the baseboards the same way to provide fluidity all the way to the bottom. This will have the effect of toning down the color as white baseboard molding would make the loud color even more so.

5.   Add your own unique touch

Just because baseboards come in standard designs does not mean that you are limited in how to spruce up your home. It is possible to make them stand out even more with unique additions such as using corner blocks for outside corners. These blocks will not only add to the appeal of the molding but also be useful in hiding uneven miter joints.

Add lighting to a recessed baseboard to give it more life. This will be so great on toned down evenings watching a movie or just relaxing with the overhead lights turned off.

Where there are features jutting out of the lower wall such as a pipe, work the baseboard around it to frame it. This will subtly add a decorative element to what was only a functional aspect of the wall.


Do you have more baseboard trim ideas up your sleeve? Try them out and share the amazing look with us.

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