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How to cut crown molding?
11 Oct

How to cut crown molding?

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Crown molding is a new trend in the house. This is done to make the house look more beautiful. It is a piece of wood or any other material which is attached between the ceiling and wall at a definite angle. The common and frequently used angles for this are 38 degree, 45 degree and 52 degree. This gives a great decor and look to the house. You will be able to give a totally new look to your house and a complete redesign.

Choosing the material

People often use wooden moulding for crowning but using another material like polyurethane crown molding can be a lot cheaper. This is really great and you can use this molding for many purposes. The best thing is that if you can use reliable, durable and sturdy material which will look good and also will stay for a long time. Choose a material which is durable and also from a reliable store. Make sure that you are also choosing a reliable company which will sell durable goods and materials.

How to cut?

It is the work of the professionals who know exactly how to cut this crown moulding. This is an art which one has to know about. First of all the corners of the mouldings are cut. It is one of the toughest part and you have to use a coping saw to cut this. This has to be accurate or else shape will be totally different and will hamper the piece and its beauty. Measure the wall and mark it over there to make it easier for you.

After measuring the length of the wall cut the crown molding according to that with the help of the saw. You have to place the saw at 90 degree above the moulding and cut the piece of it. This will take the whole wall and again for another wall you have to measure right to fit the outside or inside corner moulding. This is very important task or else it will look quite odd.

You have to understand properly how you can fit the pieces together or it will become a total disaster. Fitting one another tightly without any gap is very important as then you will give the perfect look to your ceiling. If you have to cope the joints then mark it with a pencil and then slightly cut it off so that it looks really good. Polyurethane crown molding gives a better look as you find many more designs in this than the simple conventional ones.


While cutting these mouldings you can check the fit first after cutting them and if you think adjustment is need you can do it as well. You can also go for the optional corner crown molding which is available readymade in stores and you can use that if you don’t know how to cut the corner ones. This is a safe thing and you can simply use that without any problem. You can also opt for professionals who do this work.