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To cover up the top edge of the wall and to give a neat finished look the crown molding is a great choice. It has a number of moldings under it which can be chosen based on the requirement. It can also be used for capping walls and in the case of cabinets. The crown molding is also used for the creation of the exterior and interior assemblies and for the window hoods. While the major purpose is to cover walls it is recently used as a decorative ornament too. They come in the manner of wooden trim or plaster to cover the areas where the walls meet the ceilings.


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When looking into the architectural side the baseboards which are otherwise referred to as the base molding or the floor molding is used to cover the bottom part of the interior wall. The material used here will usually be wood or it will be vinyl board. The main purpose here is to cover up the joining area of the wall and the floor. With the help of the baseboards, all the uneven surfaces of the flooring which is next to the wall will be covered. It is also used to protect the wall from any sort of abrasion and kicks from shoes. It can also be used as a decorative accessory.


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This molding will last longer than the usual wood crown molding and even longer than the MDF. Another advantage for the polyurethane crown molding is that it is pretty lightweight and hence it is also easy to use. When going for the installation side, it is usually primed earlier. Hence it will be ready to paint. The crown molding, in this case, will be manufactured with architectural type polyurethane compound. This material is dense and it makes way for the flexibility. It is also one hundred percent waterproof.

Interior Columns Accent Element

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While the open space is loved by many, the problem of distinguishing one room from the other remains a big issue. In those cases, the interior columns will come in handy. In addition to the fact of redefining space, it also adds to the elegance of the room. By choosing the finely crafted interior columns, one can bring elegance to the space. It might be a classic piece inspired from the ancient era or it might be a contemporary modern piece. Whichever piece of the interior column it might be, the entire space will look unique by placing one. The columns can be incorporated into the interior of the home in many ways.

Modern Interior Columns

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Columns are the new trend now in the home decoration sector. This will go well for both the traditional setup and for the modern outlook. In the open floor plan, the entire space will be available but there will not be an option to separate the walls from one space and other. In the case of open floor place, though it is a pleasant option the absence of separation between the dining and the living area will be a real mood killer. It will not be pleasant when the furniture in the kitchen area and the furniture of the bedroom get mixed because of the absence of the separating walls.

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