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Baseboard Molding - Molding for Home Décor

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Crown molding - Add Character to the Ceilings With Decorative Trims

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There are several ways to improvise the interior designs of the house. With innovative ideas popping up every day, people are left with umpteen choices. One such improvising design that is widely popular among homeowners is crown molding. Unlike the general term ‘molding’ which refers to any type of trim work inside a home, ceiling molding specifically falls under crown molding. Though it was initially installed for practical purpose, later on, it became a style symbol for houses. The crown molding designs paved the path for chair rail molding which is installed at the height at which the top of chairs back touches the wall. The practical reason is that crown moulding was able to cover the gaps formed by the intersection of wall and ceiling materials. Over the years, the plain crown moulding evolved into a decorative trim that uplifted the elegance of the room.

Are You Fond Of Decorating Your Home?

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Decorating the house has emerged as a current trend. The people are becoming more and more concerned about the looks or appearance of their house. They wish their home to appear different and unique. They invest their money on the architecture to get a stylish model designed for their house. Along with this, they add pieces of art and decorate the walls to make the house appear glamorous.

Crown Molding – Give your House a Makeover

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Who wouldn’t like to live in a house that is enriching and designed with finesse? While other aspects of home décor garner a lot of prominences, one often forgets to give enough consideration to the ceilings. Crown molding is one of the most popular techniques applied for uplifting the very essence of the ceiling adding charm to the architectural edge.

What Different Types Of Crown Moldings Used

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Crown Molding is the most chosen feature opted by interior designers who apply the technique for rendering the home décor an enhanced elegance and appearance. It is a popular home décor method which is not only used for newer homes but also widely for redecorating and refurbishing old houses.

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