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This is one of the tedious steps in crown molding. To do it perfectly, follow the steps below: 1. Start with one section. In the first corner, note the wall which intersects the corner along the molding bottom and draw a line. For alignment keep a small piece of molding in the corner. Draw around it and keep repeating the process until the lines in each wall connect.


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Step 1: Decide which type of crown molding you are going to use. You can go with wood or MDF. While wood is a good choice, it can be expensive too. MDF should not be used in the kitchen or bathroom. Step 2: Next step is the hardest part of the whole process which is to cut the corners of the molding. For this use a coping saw which will make the cut easily and in the right angle. This is because it is much tighter than a mitered joint. In case there is any gap in the end, caulk can be used to conceal the gap. A power miter saw can also be used instead. Step 3: Measure the wall and mark the bottom of the molding. Step 4: Once the length is identified then cut the molding in a 90-degree angle. Step 5: the next piece should be cut at the 45-degree angle. To get a straight cut press the edges against the saw table firmly and vertical side fence.


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If you are looking to add the crown molding then it is best to start with the chair rail molding. It helps in giving the right proportion to the room in addition to the refinement in space. But care should be taken while installing the chair rail molding as many tend to mix up the height. The chair rail molding is the right choice when the purpose is to divide the room and to scale up space.

Wall Borders

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With the variety of colors and patterns along with the various styles, the wallpaper border can be used to bring in more character to the room. This can be used to cover up all the rooms or to accentuate one particular room. To bring out the right kind of look there are various types of wallpaper borders ranging from the modern geometric ones to the classic floral patterns. There are also the animal prints which can be used to show a bold look. If you are looking to use a wallpaper border for a small room, then opt for less complicated patterns. This will be apt for the bathrooms particularly.

Baseboard Moldings

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Many of us who are not in the field of remodeling wouldn't have heard about baseboard molding. This is an overlooked design detail as it plays an important part in the protection of the walls. It also helps in making the rooms look polished. Along with the baseboard molding, there are other types of molding such as the crown molding, door and window casings etc.

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