The eyes are windows to the soul. At least once in our lives, we have heard this saying. If the statement is true, I speculate then that the ears are doors to the soul. Why ears? For starters, because the eyes and ears are connected but mostly because it is our ears that pick up verbal information and transmit it to our brain.

If indeed the eyes and ears are the entry into who we are, then the same can be spoken of doors and windows. They are quite literally the bridge between our home interior and the world out there. They are the ways through which light and all else enter a room and though sometimes disregarded, are some of the most essential aspects of the room’s decor.

Mercifully, there are uncountable ideas to make these features stand out, from the material composition to the style and size. Adding trim is one of these creative ideas to make doors and windows a delightful focal point. 

Trim functions to complete an already beautiful house, to increase the value of a potential project, and to beautify the area on which it is adorned. To achieve maximum effect and a complete look, trim pieces are placed on complementary sections of a room such as against the floor and ceiling as with baseboard and crown molding.

In this article, we will look into making our doors and windows even more spectacular using molding. 

Crown Molding

Crown molding is an exquisite choice to dress doors and windows as it offers the magnificence of class, the grace of beauty, and the command to draw eyes not only to the desired door but the crown molding itself. The choice of placing the crown molding on the exterior or interior of a door depends on the material of the crown molding.

Polyurethane crown molding is a great pick because it fairs well and does not incur the risk a home or building faces with wood molding. Polyurethane material is moisture-resistant and consequently will not be affected negatively by precipitation such as rain and snow, nor will it warp when the temperatures vary from time to time.

Crown molding not only serves as a decorative piece but a completing element to a home. It changes the appearance of windows from plain-looking to attractive and inviting, showcasing the picturesque view outside or the pleasantry of a well-manicured lawn within a home’s compound. 

Sprucing up overlooked spots

The most neglected room in a home is often the garage. When it comes to matters of elegance, it is a stranger. However, this does not have to be so. Crown molding can be placed on garage doors and windows to sweeten the usually cold and bland area and to make it more warm and welcoming.

Making the most of built-up crown molding

Built-up crown molding is great if you are looking to create a striking focal point. It would especially be magnificent for large doors and entryways and will be sure to catch the eye of everyone that crosses that threshold.

Tip: When picking out the pieces that will come together to make the stacked molding, be keen not to overdo it by choosing heavily ornate motifs where a simple design would do better. The molding already sticks out by its sheer size- it does not have to be unnecessarily flamboyant too.

Check out our vast portfolio of crown molding pieces for ideas on what would be ideal for your windows or doors.

Baseboard molding and casing

Baseboards and casings sometimes draw confusion because of their appearance since they are made of the same or similar materials. This fact however gives home builders, project takers, and interior designers an opportunity to use baseboards as their casings given, of course, that attention is given to the thickness of the trim.

The basic difference between the trims is size and use. Casings are much thicker and they are functionally used to frame doors and windows. Baseboard molding rests at the base of the wall and serves as a fluid link between it and the floor. 

Baseboards and casings are both used to conceal gaps at joints with wall surfaces. Since they are interchangeable, either can be fitted around doors and about windows as decorative elements. 

Our baseboard molding comes in an array of designs that accommodates any style be it chic and elegant or simple and fashionable. When used in place of case molding, they highlight the borders of doors and windows in addition to giving an ambiance of class. In a room where baseboards and casings are used, it is recommended that the baseboard be 1/8th inch thinner.

Moreover, the casing can be installed in a manner that it covers the exterior and interior of a building. Casing installed on a building blocks cold air from entering the interior while preventing warm air from escaping to the exterior rendering one’s home warm. 

Tips for a great finish

The color

The easiest route when it comes to color is to match all the molding pieces in a room. This way, they will offer a harmonious impression and feel like different parts of one whole. Often, the trim will be painted the same color as the door or window even if the adjacent walls are painted differently.

If intending to play with the hues, try having the molding just a shade lighter or darker than the other.

The size and style

When picking out the size and style, remember that the role of the trim is not to take away from the door or window as an accent feature but to highlight it. Let these parts of the room inform your choices so that they go well together.

Pay attention to other elements in the room

While this molding is meant to accentuate these entryways, do not forget that indeed, they are entry points to a whole room with its own vibe and look. Aim to complement the trim with the rest of the space rather than compete with it.

Dressing doors and windows with trim not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also a functional one. The best trim to dress the openings of a home or a building is dependent on the material of trim desired and the taste of the host. 

Crown moldings grace atop doors and windows leaving a hallmark of class and excellence while baseboards and casings create the timeless stature of unwavering steadiness. 

Whether the doors or windows require a facelift or you’re simply seeking to remodel a room, these trims get the job done. The best part is that this does not have to be an expensive affair as they are available even on a budget.

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