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Decorative Interior Columns
11 Oct

Decorative Interior Columns

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Many people have been curious enough in knowing the proper ways to install decorative interior columns. Some of them even think that it is quite complicated and time consuming. However, if you are not really confident with what you are doing, you can hire a service from a reliable company that installs interior columns. Make sure that it will provide a lot of benefits to you for a long period of time.

Proper Installation of Decorative Interior Column

  • Look for the ceiling point where you want to put the column. Put each capital on your ceiling according to the position desired. You will find 4 holes in every capital corner. Put the four-inch screw in every hole. Tap this lightly in order to make small divot into your ceiling. Eliminate the capital.
  • Drill the drywall at every divot with the use of 3/8 inches drill bit as well as drill/driver. Insert an anchor plastic expansion in every hole. Tap this in the hole flush with use of a hammer.
  • Put that top capital over those holes. Put the four-inch screws into each hole.
  • Determine the distance coming from your ceiling up to the floor through insertion of the tape measure’s end to the flange. Deduct one half inch from your measurement. Put the fiberglass columns through 2 sawhorses. Find an assistant to help you make that column in place. Cut this according to measurement with use of the circular saw. Next, cutting across the top is the first thing to do. Turn your column by about one-fourth quarter and produce another cut. Do this until a column has been cut through. Sand each edge where you had cut until it is smooth. Use a 100-grit sandpaper.
  • Put every column end to the flange on other capital. Have it slide up to six inches column and hold this in place. Slide up your column vertically in the needed direction with the toe as you hold the column level. This ensures that your column has been in a vertical position.
  • Lastly, put the four-inch screw into the holes in every bottom capital corner. Drive screws to the floor. It will secure your column and bottom capital to your floor.

Through these steps, you will have an idea on how to do the interior column installation. But if you need more help, you can visit for further details about cost effective wall paper borders. For sure, you will love the presence of this website after learning more amazing ways to improve the value of your home.