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Crown Moldings installation
05 Oct

Crown Moldings installation

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With regards to installing crown moldings, there is no replacement for learning-by doing. Still, it can help to have a working knowledge prior to getting started. In the event that you are Making the first attempt at installing crown molding, begin with something simple - a small size room with just four walls and square corners.

Remember that moldings can be sold in standard lengths, then buy the size which requires the fewest joints for the room. Paint or seal, stain, as well as varnish the molding before installing, allow it dry. Moldings must be nailed to studs or roof joists in contrast to straight to the drywall, therefore scan the walls and roof with a stud finder, and create light pencil markings to indicate the studs and joists. Mark a few inches from the wall ceiling joint so that you might nevertheless see your marks after you place the molding set up and should nail it up. By doing this, you'll just have one closer piece that has to fit exactly against adjacent moldings on each end.

In general this is a wise idea to start within an inconspicuous corner like over the entrance door to the room. When two molding parts match at an outer corner, use miter cuts in the meeting end of every. When moldings match at an Inside Angle, irregular wall surfaces typically create a bad match if you utilize mitered ends. Instead, cut one molding with a sq end as well as the other with the inside 45 degree miter. Then use a cover saw to cut along the molded edge of the mitered molding removing the exposed ending grain inventory. File and sand the cut till the shape fits snugly against the adjacent molding.