“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” These sentiments belong to the legendary artist Pablo Picasso.  Artists and designers agree that colors drastically affect the mood, emotions and the feelings of an individual. Personally, I love soft bright colors-they uplift my mood. Researchers have shown that though mood altering, the effects of color are temporary.

Color is a powerful communication tool that signals non-verbally to individuals to take physical actions as seen with traffic lights. Certain colors are said to influence psychological reactions, increase metabolism, increase blood pressure in other cases and eye strain in addition to its influence on non physical aspects of an individual. The concept of color psychology is a hot topic in marketing, art and design.

That is why the color of your crown molding matters and you should treat it accordingly. The feelings of color are often personal and deeply embedded in one’s culture and experience. What is calming to some may be distressing to others. There are no wrong or right colors, just the right combination. 

The color preference of an individual tends to change as one ages. However, there are popular colors that are standing the test of time when it comes to crown molding.


The color white inspires the feelings of serenity, cleanliness, purity and refreshment. This is the most popular color for crown molding and trim. White is a preferred darling because it naturally shows off the crown molding and it is a safe color as it offers an opportunity of blending a variety of colors.

White is a great color to expand your room without physically expanding it. Painting the ceiling and the crown molding white creates the illusion of a coffered or tiered ceiling. Such ceilings convey drama, elegance and emphasis on spaciousness.

Pairing light walls with white colored crown molding creates a simple and appealing visual. Glass accents placed in such a room accentuate the white color. White is great for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Dark furniture and floors paired with white crown molding and other wall trim produces a modern, elegant and youthful feel. Hospitals use such designs to convey a sense of sterility and to reduce the cold and blandness that the white color exudes when it is unpaired.

White is a bright color that creates a sense of space and grandiosity because the color reflects light. The eyes perceive dark colored walls as being further away, while white painted crown molding creates a contrast that draws the eyes making the walls seem less further and an ambience of a larger and airy room. 


Here’s a fun fact about black: It is not considered a color. It is not on the color wheel as a primary, secondary or even a tertiary color for this reason. Black is the absorption of all colors and the entire absence of all light. Black absorbs light and creates an air of sophistication.

For our own purposes, we shall regard it as a color. When attending a fancy event, black and white attire can usually be spotted. The combination of the two colors oozes class and elegance. The same is true for white walled rooms and black crown molding. 

Black evokes the feelings of power, mystery, calm, modesty and boldness. It is the most popular color for luxury cars and items. Black kitchen equipment flatters black painted crown molding with white walls. There is a flair of sophistication brought to the room.  The contrast brings about a sense of modernity and elegance.

Pairing black crown molding with gray walls and white ceilings brings about a feeling of warmness and harmony to the ceilings and walls.


Gray is an intermediate color between white and black. It can be considered as a color of compromise. It is a color that does not disperse light, it refracts it. Gray has been viewed as a color of humility, formality and conservativeness.

The color gray is dependable, practical and conventional because it is a transition between two non colors. Pairing gray and white takes any room from bland to classic in a heartbeat. In a kitchen, the combination of these colors, especially gray on a crown molding softens the room and makes it look clean and open.

To soften a room and give it a feminine touch, pair grey crown molding with pink paint. This combination emanates a calming effect to a room. This combination is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.


On the color spectrum, blue is considered a cool color. Cool colors are often described as having a calm and serene effect. Blue is seen as a non threatening color and it is the most preferred color by men. The color blue is found in nature; different hues as seen in the sky and water bodies.

Blue is one of the hottest colors in interior design and on crown molding it gives a room a facelift. The combination of blue and white is effortlessly beautiful. Blue crown molding fares very well on a backdrop of blue walls paired together with accessories of gold, white and gray. While it blends superbly with other colors, on its own it creates feelings of sadness- hence the term feeling blue.

Natural Wood

Polyurethane crown molding can be painted or stained just like wood. This makes it a great trim as it offers all the benefits of wood. To stain crown molding, one has to choose the appropriate indoor application. For a relaxing atmosphere, pair white walls with wood tone crown moldings to create a sanctuary in the home.

The crown molding of natural wood adds a touch of character, warmth and the tranquility of nature. Natural wood and white walls help the space feel refreshing and airy while dark walls exude comfort and coziness. Natural wood is perfect for a rustic design-decorating style found in the natural world.

The color of crown molding plays a big role in the final outlook of a home. While we have discussed the most popular colors, there really aren’t any rules set in stone. Opt for what speaks to your personality and blends in with the rest of the decor.

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