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Do Crown Moldings Have to Match the Baseboards?
11 Oct

Do Crown Moldings Have to Match the Baseboards?

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Do the crown moldings and baseboards in your house have to match each other? This question is asked of home décor professionals time and time again. Let’s settle this issue right now.

No, there does not need to be an exact match between crown moldings and baseboards. However, to achieve a quality look it is best to use a similar visual weight for both of these home décor elements. For example, if you have deep baseboards then deep crown moldings will look better with them than thinner ones. Molding and trim can vary from thick to thin, wide to narrow.

Matching the size and décor style of crown moldings and baseboards to each other will give a pleasing aesthetic look to your room. You can vary them between different rooms in the home, however. Also, select colors of crown moldings and baseboards that complement each other in a specific room.

The result is a cohesive looking room in your home that fits within your style choice, whether it is traditional, modern or another type. Adding crown moldings and baseboards to your home are inexpensive ways to update your personal space and create visual interest. They also help improve the home’s value, should you decide to put it on the market.

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