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Ceiling medallions
11 Oct

Ceiling medallions

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A ceiling medallion is a circular, ornamental panel, made of polyurethane that could be fixed to the ceiling over the electric outlet of a lighting fixture. The fixture then seems to hang from the middle of the medallion. Ceiling medallions are often mounted in the middle of the ceiling. They add range and design to an otherwise boring and usually ignored area. Along with their decorative assurance, they can also cover unsightly problems of plaster or drywall that may be difficult and costly to repair. Ceiling medallions can be popular in decoration. They can be fitted in high or low ceilings. Ceiling medallions can be as noticeable or simple as you want.

Ceiling medallions differ in size from 6 inches to as big as 74 inches and bigger in diameter. When designing a small space, like a hallway, a small diameter medallion must be adequate without being over setting. Larger places can match the bigger styles. This is just a suggestion, not a procedure. You may have a medallion as big or small as you want. Among the best features of choosing a ceiling medallion is the endless amount of choices for planning fixtures, lighting and other decorative items to tie a room collectively. Medallions are radial and work as fashionable backdrops for chandeliers, lighting fixtures, or fans. There are situations when a specification may need a medallion of various shapes.

Today's medallions are flexible in their application. They are unlimited options to design, colors, textures and components. Medallions could be made of wood, polyurethane and plaster along with other material. Also they are available as a customized marble. However, these are expensive and should be installed by a competent installer, due partly to their weight.Medallions are installed by an expert or by the regular do it yourselfer. But, if you are uncomfortable with electrical wiring, it is advisable to use a competent electrician for the light fixture.

One of the simplest and least difficult projects is the set-up of a ceiling medallion. Though previously, they were produced from plaster, today these decorative designs are made of light-weight polyurethane foam. This will make them easier to handle. Ceiling medallions are utilized to bring out chandeliers and lighting fixtures, or to improve crown molding. They can be coupled with a rosette and used to beautify an otherwise normal ceiling. Ceiling medallions are adaptable and available in various styles and sizes. They are painted to fit any room. Ceiling medallions are the most common architectural details.

Many have discovered additional uses for elegant medallions like accents to the window frame. Try hanging them perfectly on the frame at the very top corners. Hanging a swag window treatment can complete the appearance and enable the drama of the medallions to come through. Generally, plaster of Paris, wood, or polyurethane is used to make readymade or custom made medallions. If your medallion is bright and it is fixed to a white ceiling, many professionals advise providing the space with caulk around the medallion in which it meets the ceiling. This will reduce spaces and shadows.