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If you are looking to add the crown molding then it is best to start with the chair rail molding. It helps in giving the right proportion to the room in addition to the refinement in space. But care should be taken while installing the chair rail molding as many tend to mix up the height. The chair rail molding is the right choice when the purpose is to divide the room and to scale up space.

Initially, people used to think that the chair rail moldings are used to protect the walls from any possible damage from the back of the chairs. But the actual fact is that the chair rails were used to divide the walls into much better proportions and to accentuate with colors in the ancient period. The right height for the chair rail molding is important to get the expected result. It is often said that the height should be one-third the distance of the ceiling height.

In the case of a ceiling which is 8-foot, it is better to go with the installation which is 32 inches from the floor. Avoid the mistake of putting up the moldings too high as many people tend to do this. You can keep the average of around 28 to 32 inches. It is said that going lower with the height is always better. In the case of the width, the ideal one to look for is the chair rail molding with two or three inches in width. The materials such as metal, vinyl, and polymer are most commonly used here. 

The cost of the chair rail molding will naturally depend on the width and on the material used. The designing base should also be taken into account. One can expect an average of $100 for 8-foot molding. Most people go for the crown molding to finish the look. There are different choices available too. The use of paint color is a popular alternative option. It can divide the wall but can also optimally show the change the color.

This was once a popular choice in the case of design and functionality. Now the chair rail moldings are again getting back into trend. The usual style of the chair rail moldings is thin and delicate. Then again, there are all types of moldings where the ornamental part will be larger. In the case of spacious rooms, the chair rail molding can be used to add in a bit of drama. The extra large chunky kind of chair rail moldings will be suitable for the dining rooms and living rooms which are very spacious.

While the popular choices in the materials tend to be oak and polar the materials such as Maple, Bass and Ash are also chosen from time to time. One can also go with the option of custom design if they have something specific in mind. If your formal dining room is in need of chair rail molding, then going for a slimy thin one or a neat custom made design will be an apt choice.