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Crown Molding- A Timeless Masterpiece

Crown molding is an amazing decor feature that is timeless and that commands almost universal interest. It speaks to the detail-oriented home-owners as it comes in beautiful, intricate carving. For the ones that are more concerned about the big picture and the overall decor finish, crown molding is ...
Maggie Wednesday 11 November, 2020
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Installing Different Types of Interior Columns

Columns are a sophisticated ornamental finish that brings the air of ancient architecture to any home. Even when just for decorative purposes, they create the illusion of sturdiness and support. They usually come in three parts: The column shaft, capital, and base that fit around the shaft to attach...
Maggie Tuesday 03 November, 2020
tags: columns
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How to Get the Perfect Crown Molding Cut

Crown molding is a trim piece that speaks to the elegance of your home and provides a delightful finish. Set as a link between the wall and ceiling, it is eye-catching as it is a focal point for any room. Because it is this central, it is imperative that it is fitted just right. A poorly done job wi...
Maggie Wednesday 14 October, 2020
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All about Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper is undoubtedly one easy way to change the entire look of any space. With the unlimited design options available, it is incredible just how much personal style and taste you can bring into any room. Murals are an extension of this wonderful decorative element. ...
Maggie Tuesday 15 September, 2020
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Designer Wallpaper Category

Wallpaper is one of the most exciting ways to completely transform any room. If you’re looking to create an accent wall or add a splash of color, you can never go wrong with good wallpaper. It has the special ability to create any atmosphere, from the freshness of the great outdoors to quiet flowe...
Maggie Sunday 06 September, 2020
tags: wallpaper
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How to Create an Accent Wall

Do you want to add a splash of color and style to your space without the hustle of painting or applying wallpaper to the entire room? Accent walls are a perfect way to achieve this with much less work. An accent wall is a focal point that is done differently from the others, to give a contrast that ...
Maggie Monday 03 August, 2020
tags: wallpaper
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Advantages of Non-Woven Wallpaper

Wallpaper manufacture has evolved greatly since before the 19th century when it was used by the rich classes to decorate their homes. Today, it is an affordable pleasure for anyone who desires to add color and style to their space without having to paint all the walls over. It comes in many textures...
Maggie Monday 03 August, 2020
tags: wallpaper
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