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Debunking 5 Myths about Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the more commonly talked about elements of interior decor and with good reason. It frames a room from above, tying together other trim pieces such as baseboard and wainscoting. It provides a smooth transition from the wall to the ceiling and hides uneven gaps. Depending on th...
Maggie Wednesday 10 March, 2021
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6 Commonly Asked Questions about Crown Molding

As the name suggests, crown molding is the crown jewel of interior decor. Depending on the style chosen, it has the capacity to subtly or majestically transform any space into one that oozes elegance and style. Crown molding offers a smooth transition between the walls and the ceiling and adds to ...
Maggie Wednesday 10 March, 2021
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Picking Out the Right Column for your Home

Interior columns are a magnificent element of interior decor that has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Dating back to the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, columns have adorned and held up temples, cathedrals, and stately homes.interior columns...
Maggie Saturday 27 February, 2021
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8 Creative Ways to Spruce up Interior Columns

Interior columns have long been hailed as an integral part of the structure and architecture of homes. From ancient periods when they were used to support Roman temples and lavish homes to the supportive and ornamental role they play in spaces today, columns are an indispensable part of interior dec...
Maggie Wednesday 17 February, 2021
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Easy Tips to Choose the Right-Sized Crown Molding

Crown molding is more than just a slab of trim upon a ceiling. It is an essential part of interior decor that plays both a decorative and architectural role in any room. As an ornamental piece, it provides a fluid link between the wall and the ceiling, instantly transforming a space from blandness ...
Maggie Saturday 06 February, 2021
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