Wallpaper is undoubtedly one easy way to change the entire look of any space. With the unlimited design options available, it is incredible just how much personal style and taste you can bring into any room.

Murals are an extension of this wonderful decorative element. Unlike wallpaper whose pattern is rather symmetrical, murals allow you to dare beyond the norm and achieve an outstanding finish that is more unique and diverse across its surface. They are less symmetrical and have much larger repeats.

While wallpaper will create depth, murals do this while adding a quality of illusion. As such, gazing into one of our waterfall murals for instance will be like basking in the beauty of the grand Niagara Falls.

The evolution of murals

Wall paintings have existed for millennia as objects of culture and artistic individualism. Their creation has shifted from dry plaster in the Middle Ages, to wet plaster, to the Fresco technique, oil painting and digital printing today. 

In previous eras, such a project required not only an enormous amount of time and commitment from the artist but also a huge financial investment. 

In this digital age, murals are no longer limited to the great Da Vinci and Rivera masterminds. They have become even easier to make, more spectacular and more readily available and affordable. 

Why are murals so great?

They are incredibly striking

It is quite impossible to walk by a mural accent wall without noticing it. They bring out images in such a breathtaking manner that they simply speak for themselves.

They are easier to do than painting

An artist bearing a brush and paints can bring forth a masterpiece on your wall. Such a project will however need plenty of time and attention to detail. A mural presents a much faster and less laborious alternative.

They are affordable

Achieving the desired mural effect using paint is an expensive affair. Mural wallpaper simplifies this by offering quality, depth and beauty at a much more affordable cost.

They are easy to install and remove

Like other wallpaper designs, murals make for a fantastic DIY project. You can hang one up using simple tools and minimal assistance.

Likewise, when it is time to remove it, it will not be too tasking as the material is designed to peel right off.

They make a great cover for flaws

Even if you paint a whole wall over, blemishes like cracks are still likely to be quite visible. A wallpaper mural on the other hand will completely cover such an imperfection for a clean, smooth surface.

They are easy to clean

Our murals are made from high-quality non-woven material which is washable and easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt or spills and it will be good as new.

They are great for any space

A mural will be exquisite anywhere. It will sit magnificently in the drawing-room, be a focal point in the conference room, and welcome guests into a hotel lobby. There is no shortage of opportunities to stand out.

In addition, the fabric is breathable. It will not trap moisture in between it and the wall, and will not encourage the growth of mold or mildew. This makes it ideal even for spaces with high humidity such as a bathroom. 

They make a statement

A mural is the embodiment of your unique personality. With it, you can communicate your personal and professional brand.

How to best use murals

In relatively large spaces

Murals are generally better appreciated in larger or long corridor spaces, paired with simple or few accessories. If too much is added, they may appear too crowded out.

A larger space will allow it to stand out in the fullness of its glory. The rich texture and life is also better taken in from a relative distance rather than up close, so that the wholeness and total composition is fully visualized.

As an accent wall

A mural is a work of art just by itself. This means even as a stand-alone accent wall, it is perfect. If anything, having too much in a small space such as a bedroom will be more likely to choke down the whole look rather than accentuate it.

Moreover, you’re not limited to wall options only; The ceiling would also make for a superb accent that is not only unique, but also outstanding. 

For spaces that do not take up much furniture, you can go a bolder step and try a mural on the floor. This however will require you to be more proactive in maintaining it lest its magnificence diminishes owing to dirt and trampling.

As a focal point in the office

If you’re intending to spruce up the office, try a mural piece in the lobby or conference room. It is so eye-catching and will create beautiful harmony especially when used alongside other wall coverings.

Such a statement will not only serve to elevate your brand, but also boost your revenue. How? A well-chosen and well-placed wallpaper mural is likely to get clients to really warm up to you and what you are about. This is a short step away from closing deals and fostering long-term relationships.

In a mix and match project

For a more daring heart, try matching your mural with other wallpaper. You could create a layered effect by framing the mural against a wallpaper background. 

You’ve got to take care that these two complement each other though. The best wallpaper for such a project would be more subtle such as a stone or brick design.

Wallpaper murals are an amazing decor element to have in any space. At DreamWallDecor, we boast of endless style and design options suited to your desires and goals. Take a walk through our vast category. Your ideal mural wallpaper awaits you.

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