Wallpaper is one of the most exciting ways to completely transform any room. If you’re looking to create an accent wall or add a splash of color, you can never go wrong with good wallpaper. 

It has the special ability to create any atmosphere, from the freshness of the great outdoors to quiet flower fields to abstract, artistic styles, journeying through rich, traditional concepts to modern looks.

At DreamWallDecor, we have all the current trends from some of the best European designers. Our wallpaper is made from non-woven fabric, which is superior in quality as it is affordable. 

What’s more, excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do; we are determined to ensure that you have a wonderful and efficient shopping experience.

We offer a vast selection of wallpaper in every color, detail, and design. 

If you are a fan of nature and all of its beauty, our wood and floral wallpaper designs are right up your alley. These will bring the very essence of spring fields and cool forests into your space.

For a cooler and quieter statement, try our brick or stone wallpaper variations that will create a fantastic unfinished look. These are also so great at bringing the great outdoors into a room without the actual task of carving out the stone into this finish.

If shapes, lines, and loops are more your style, the geometric patterns will blow you away.

Our damask paper category boasts a unique combination of rich, Victorian fabrics, with a hint of modern detail. These are great for both a traditional and contemporary look.

Do you want to feel the fullness of the material on the tips of your fingers? Try our textured wallpaper that creates a three-dimensional visual.

The black and white wallpaper designs are timeless and classic. Beautifully blended, these two colors are striking yet subtle, plain yet outstanding.

The beauty of wallpaper is that it is so versatile, it can be put up in practically any space. With a bit of creativity, it complements every other component of the room, making it stand out even more. 

Work the wallpaper around what you already have. If you’re creating an accent wall, use wallpaper to accentuate any already existing focal point such as the mantelpiece in the living room, the window or the headboard in the bedroom, and mirror in the bathroom.

Why is non-woven wallpaper the ideal pick?

Its special blend of natural and synthetic fiber makes it very easy to clean

It is tear-resistant, making the booking and putting it up on the wall easy

It is breathable, limiting the growth of mold and mildew behind it

It is easy to install and remove

It is very user friendly and makes or a great DIY project

Tools you will need

Sandpaper to sand the wall lightly and make it smoother

Clean, soapy water and a sponge to thoroughly clean the wall

A large surface to allow you to work the paper

Sharp knife, scissors or razor 

Measuring tape, pencil, and level

A ladder or step stool

A putty knife 

Warm water for booking

Tips for installation

Always round up your measurements so you have extra paper to work with in case mistakes happen.

Order all your wallpaper from the same batch to have matching color and shades

Verify the packaging of wallpaper rolls so you do not end up with half or twice as much as you actually need.

The wallpaper has to be level for a good finish. Don’t assume that the wall level is because it may not be. Use a measuring tape, level, and pencil to help you achieve this

Always start with a smooth and clean wall. Sand the wall lightly and then clean it thoroughly.

Cover holes and cracks and sand them over to smoothen them. 

Map out where the seams will lie on the wall before installing the wallpaper. This will help to avoid ending up with a mismatched pattern.

Keep the cuts on wallpaper clean to avoid ripping the paper

Always book the wallpaper before installing it

Begin installation from the least conspicuous corner of the room

Use a clean, damp sponge to wipe off the excess paste from the walls and the front side of the border as you work

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