An accent wall is a fantastic way to bring your personality alive. It works to create a tasteful focal point for any room and when well thought out, will contrast magnificently with the rest of the space.

When it comes to designing an accent wall, we all want to get it right. There are so many things to think about; The best material, the hues to use, what to accessorize with, and so much more.

Common questions to consider:

What wall should be the accent?

The options are endless when it comes to where to create the accent wall. It can be behind the bed, in your office, in the living room behind the couch or on the mantelpiece, in the bathroom, or any other space you so desire. 

Hint: Keep in mind the architectural attributes of the space such as windows and doors. They may pose a hindrance to wallpaper installation or they can be used to actually design the accent wall.

What colors should make the accent wall?

There isn’t a limit on what colors you can use on an accent wall. There also isn’t a restriction on how bright or how dark to go; as long as the color blocks with the rest of the house.

Hint: Accent walls are meant to create a sharp contrast. If the rest of the walls are a darker color, opt for a lighter or brighter accent wall. Similarly, if the walls are a lighter shade, contrast with darker colors.

What ideas make for a good accent wall?

An accent wall can be fashioned from diverse alternatives. You can put up good wallpaper, paint the wall, create a photo gallery, accentuate a wall with bookcases, use a mirror, have a mural, or go as far as your creativity wills.

Hint: Whatever option you go for, be sure to blend it with the other walls so that it stands out but in harmony with the rest of the decor. 

As tempting as it may be, do not mix up too many ideas on the same wall as the overall look may be poorly overdone. If you opt for a combination of two options such as wallpaper and a frame, first confirm that they are in sync.

With these in mind, check out some of our awesome ideas for a beautiful accent wall:

A toned down bedroom

Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It is a place of rest after a long day’s work and socializing. Ideally, this space should be peaceful and delightful, relaxing and calm.

To create this ambience, try a deep, rich color that tones down the mood, especially if the room is bathed in natural light. Black and white wallpaper or textured paper in saturated hues such as dark purple make fantastic options for that tranquil but sophisticated look.

Make a child’s bedroom playful

Little boys and girls get excited about superheroes and princesses respectively. They like decor that is playful and exuberant while at the same time soothing and grounding. 

Try splashes of color for their spaces, in bright shades of the primary colors. For a toddler, create an accent wall using wallpaper from our delightful kids’ collection.

A touch of vibrancy

Some colors such as orange, red and teal would be too overwhelming if used on all the walls of a room. If used on one wall however, these colors have the potential to fashion a fantastic accent wall.

They are superb for irregular walls, such as in a dining room or living room and will rest beautifully as the backdrop for the rest of the decor.

A divine entryway

An accent wall is one great way to spruce up the entryway into your home or carve one out just by the door. Try a bold wallpaper design that is striking to the eye and that makes a statement. Alternatively, pair a well-finished wall with a huge mirror.

A rustic make-over

If you’re a fan of shady woods and forests, wood wallpaper designs are perfect for your living space. These give off a simple, homely feeling that will remind you of coffee and good music every time you want to unwind.

Alternatively, try wood wallpaper in the bedroom and accessorize with decor that will bring cabin-like vibes to life.

Best of all, wood wallpaper offers the warmth and delightfulness that wood paneling adds to a home but at a budget. With our modern wallpaper that is made from durable, breathable material, you will not have to worry about humidity or temperature and the effect that they would otherwise have on lumber.

A mural for your office or business space

If you are devoted to leaving a mark on your clients, then you know that presentation is everything. A mural accent wall is one such way to set the welcoming tone.

Have a spectacular mural wallpaper hanging by the reception or at a hotel lobby that will not only speak to your business brand but also to your unique personality and taste.

An unorthodox ceiling

Did you know that the ceiling could also make for a fantastic accent wall? Rather than the regular white we are used to, try a different paint color. Soft or vivid hues will both be magnificent, as long as they are complemented by the rest of the decor. Finish the look off with good crown molding that will create the break between the ceiling and the walls.

If you are more daring, try other accent wall ideas such as a mirror for a large drawing room or a mural for a hotel lobby ceiling.

There you have it! 7 awesome ideas to try out in your space. Remember that an accent wall says a lot about your personality. Your home is special and therefore the accent wall should be what you want and what resonates with you best, as it is about style and elegance.

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