Do you want to add a splash of color and style to your space without the hustle of painting or applying wallpaper to the entire room? Accent walls are a perfect way to achieve this with much less work. An accent wall is a focal point that is done differently from the others, to give a contrast that stands out while blending in at the same time. 

The most exciting thing is, there are so many ways to achieve a delightful accent wall that suits your liking.

Start with what you have

As you consider what wall to highlight and how to go about it, first consider what you already have. A wall with special features such as a fireplace or more than one window is already an ideal candidate. Spruce this wall up with a bit of paint around the windows, or paneling and a bookcase or two flanking the fireplace.

Painted accent walls

Painting a selected wall is one of the easiest ways to create an accent wall. To nudge you along, here are a few tips;

Do not be afraid to try out a ‘loud’ color if that is your style. As long as you coordinate the other fittings around the room to go well with the color, feel free to be as bold as you’d like. If you’re not too confident having a bold color across a vast space, consider applying it on a smaller wall so that it is less vivid while still standing out.

You could opt to simply paint one wall differently, or go further to play around with paint colors for stripes or any other unique finish. Be as creative as you can get.

If you do not want to paint the entire wall, consider painting just the trim and molding instead with a brilliant color that will break the monotony of the space.

Wallpapered accent walls

Wallpaper is a delightful alternative to painting. The beauty of wallpaper is that there are so many designs to choose from, ranging from simple, neutral colors to mural designs that add an artistic touch to a wall. Because it is easy to install and easy to remove, wallpaper is an excellent choice even for a temporary accent. As you design your wall, here are a few handy tips;

Choose wallpaper that will blend in with the rest of the room. Remember that it goes only to one section of the space. You want it to stand out in a smooth way not stick out like a sore thumb.

The wallpaper does not have to cover the entire wall space. If you prefer having a small accent, simply put up the paper on a section of the wall and then accessorize around it to give it center stage. Wallpaper is also great if you want to create a textured accent wall.

You can color coordinate the wallpaper with the drapes to help bring the amazing hues across the room. If there is furniture to go in front of the accented wall, consider transparent pieces that will not block the magnificent view of your wallpaper.

Use wall features

Even if the entire room is already painted or wallpapered in one design, there are creative ways to create an accent wall. Use items such as a beautifully done bookcase, a large piece of wall art, or a gallery or artwork. 

If you are sentimental, dedicate the wall to the memories you have made over the years by putting up photographs. Have matching picture frames that will contrast with the wall while giving it a fuller effect. A mirror also goes a long way in creating a perfect accent, especially for spaces like a hallway. 

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