Frequently Asked Questions about Wallpaper Borders

What are wallpaper borders?

Wallpaper borders are decorative strips of paper that are applied along the top or bottom of a wall, or around the edges of a room, to add a finishing touch to a room's decor.

How are wallpaper borders applied?

Wallpaper borders are applied using wallpaper paste, which is brushed onto the back of the border and the wall. The border is then smoothed out and any excess paste is wiped away.

Can wallpaper borders be removed?

Yes, wallpaper borders can be removed by soaking them with water and gently scraping off the paper using a scraper or putty knife.

Are wallpaper borders still popular?

While wallpaper borders were once a popular decorating trend, they have become less common in recent years. However, they can still be a great way to add a unique touch to a room's decor.

Where can I buy wallpaper borders?

Wallpaper borders can be purchased at home improvement stores, as well as online retailers. Some wallpaper specialty stores also carry a selection of borders.

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