Crown molding and baseboard molding are often the finishing touches to a room’s decor. They bring the whole picture together in harmony and complete the vision you had for your home or office. They provide a seamless transition between the walls, ceiling, and floor. They are useful in hiding uneven or cracked portions of the wall.

Often, they may not be seen as elements that are an integral part of the decor. If anything, they may be disregarded as simply as a white ceiling would be. Yet because they have the unique ribbon-on-gift effect, they do in fact count for the aesthetics.

Used creatively, the crown molding and baseboard can provide a beautiful classic or modern look, or an elegant traditional or contemporary finish.

This now begs the question, since crown molding and baseboard are used together and work simultaneously to complete the room, should they match?

The most real answer to this is that the choice of molding is purely at your discretion. You get to determine how you want your space to look, the colors you desire, and the style that best suits you. There is no standard nor are there limitations to how far your inspiration can go.

However, the goal at the end of the day should be to provide balance. To achieve this, aim to blend the crown molding and the baseboard even if they will not be exactly alike. Have at least one element of the trim pieces matching to attain a level of consistency. This fusion can be attained using the color, the size, or the style of the molding pieces.


Often, white is the preferred color on crown molding and baseboard. It is versatile and pairs well with everything else. It is also a quick choice: There is hardly much to think about as far as white goes. Moreover, white itself is a powerful color. It contrasts magnificently with other hues. For instance, white crown molding and baseboard would be an exquisite frame for a dramatically bold accent wall such as teal.

This however is not to mean that you are limited to white molding. Try shaking things up a bit with different colors for a livelier look. Try matching the baseboard color with that of the wall for a fluid look. Alternatively, select a color for the crown molding and baseboard that complements the wall. It could be the color of other accents, such as rich gold. For a softer wall encasing, try a neutral shade such as gray.

Having a similar color for the crown molding and baseboard will allow you to play with other features such as size. A wide baseboard will superbly match narrower crown molding of the same color.

What will be the best color for the whole house?

While many aspects of a whole house are vastly similar, spaces also tend to be personalized, speaking to the uniqueness of the individuals sharing a home. Different rooms may have different paint color or wallpaper, or differently designed furniture.

When installing crown molding and baseboard, keep to a trend if they will not be exactly the same in every room. Try different hues in the same color family. Use brighter tones for darker walls and darker tones for lighter walls. This will achieve a level of similarity while maintaining singularity.


Keeping to a similar size of crown molding and baseboard will allow you to play with other features such as the color. For instance, try a white baseboard complemented with a cream crown molding of the same size. The uniform width will create symmetry.


There are numerous styles of molding available in our vast selection. If you would like to play around with the size of the crown and baseboard, consider matching the style of the two.  A room framed by molding in the same style but different sizes or color will look and feel complete even where the trim is slightly varied.

Given how extensive the design options are, finding a matching style might be a bit challenging if you are new to them. Nevertheless, be sure to pick out what you feel matches the best while at the same time suits what you have in mind.

The final say

Crown molding and baseboard have the capacity to finish off a room suitably. Neglected, they may also break the harmony of the space. As with every other item of decor, they are worth a keen look and creative detail.  Do not be afraid to explore unorthodox ideas.

The overall rule of thumb is that every item in a room should contribute to the big picture. As long as you have a unit of similarity such as the color, the size, or the style, your home is bound to be amazing.

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