Crown Molding

Crown Molding

Crown molding is a significant design element that can transform a room from ordinary to exclusive! These are simple ornamental additions to doors, ceilings or windows that serve the purpose of a frame to accentuate a space. It adds style and a thought out appearance to interiors as well as exteriors. It’s not just the furniture, color or a well maintained look; a good space is a cumulative of many design elements and crown moldings are definitely one valued aspect. 

Debunking 5 Myths about Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the more commonly talked about elements of interior decor and with good reason. It frames a room from above, tying together other trim pieces such as baseboard and wainscoting. It provides a smooth transition from the wall to the ceiling and hides uneven gaps. Depending on th...
Maggie Wednesday 10 March, 2021
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Easy Tips to Choose the Right-Sized Crown Molding

Crown molding is more than just a slab of trim upon a ceiling. It is an essential part of interior decor that plays both a decorative and architectural role in any room. As an ornamental piece, it provides a fluid link between the wall and the ceiling, instantly transforming a space from blandness ...
Maggie Saturday 06 February, 2021
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How to Cut Crown Molding

Crown molding is an exquisite piece of decor that adds a spark to any room. When chosen well to complement other decor pieces, it brings elegance and a sense of completion. It smoothly links the wall to the ceiling while hiding any uneven surfaces. It will frame an accent wall to make it stand out e...
Maggie Monday 01 February, 2021
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5 Baseboard Trim Ideas for Amazing Decor Finish

Baseboard molding can easily be overlooked in the grand scheme of interior decor. Going at the very bottom of the wall, it may be disregarded and poorly thought out, given less focus than say, a chandelier. Yet baseboard is as important a trim as any. When well thought out, it provides a superb lin...
Maggie Monday 01 February, 2021
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