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Choosing Wallpaper Borders for Bathrooms
11 Oct

Choosing Wallpaper Borders for Bathrooms

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When it comes to choosing the perfect wallpaper border, you need to think about the room. Bathrooms are regularly damp, even with vents, due to the nature of the room. When choosing wallpaper borders for bathrooms, you need to consider a number of factors, including the material and cost.

Material of the Borders for Damp Rooms

Because the rooms get damp, it can cause mould or mildew to form around the room. This is more common in bathrooms that have wallpaper because there is nowhere for the damp to escape between the wallpaper and the walls. The good news is that woven wallpaper borders for bathrooms are ideal. They allow the walls to breathe, so the water escapes. There is little risk of mould developing behind.

The Cost of the Materials

Before choosing any type of decorating material, you need to think about the cost. Check your budget to make sure there is room. You may find that investing in stencils and painting a border is more affordable if you have a tight budget. Of course, this will take up more time and you need to consider that versus the extra budget costs.

Getting the Right Style

There are so many styles of borders available. When picking wallpaper borders for the bathroom, think about the style of everyone in the home. Is this an ensuite connected to the master bedroom, so only the parents will use it? Is it the children’s bathroom between the two rooms? Maybe it is a room for the whole family.

By considering who will use the room, you will be able to get the right style. You don’t want teddy bears on the wallpaper border in the parent’s bathroom. Meanwhile, a family bathroom that children use will need to be suited for everyone. This can sometimes be the hardest part.

The Location of the Borders

Once you have the materials, it is time to think about where they will go. Are the borders for the middle of the room? Will you prefer them closer to the ceiling or the floor? This can depend on the size of the room, as well as the location of your sink, bath, or shower.

Take some time to consider the wallpaper borders for bathrooms. You will need to choose material that avoids mould, while picking a style that suits the users of the room.