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When looking into the architectural side the baseboards which are otherwise referred to as the base molding or the floor molding is used to cover the bottom part of the interior wall. The material used here will usually be wood or it will be vinyl board. The main purpose here is to cover up the joining area of the wall and the floor. With the help of the baseboards, all the uneven surfaces of the flooring which is next to the wall will be covered. It is also used to protect the wall from any sort of abrasion and kicks from shoes. It can also be used as a decorative accessory.

The baseboard usually has the simple plank which is screwed, glued or nailed to the wall. The baseboards were also used as decorations in the old houses. The general height of the baseboard will be around 0.2 m. This is not similar to the wainscot which will be around 1 or 1.5m in height. There are also plastic baseboards available which have plastic compounds. The most common one is the UPVC. This comes in white and in several other colors. This baseboard is usually glued to the wall. There are the vinyl baseboards which are a little difficult to remove as the glue used here is adhesive. This means that it has a longer lifespan and there is no need for much maintenance.

The most popular wooden baseboards are available in all formats. It can be acquired in the lacquered, untreated or the pre-painted formats. For the pre-painted format, the baseboards can be got from one piece. Otherwise, the softwoods or the finger jointed woods can also be used here. There are the hardwoods which are usually lacquered. This is made from a single piece of wood too. The radiators are at times installed in the front of the baseboards or in the inner part. This will require hot water for the heat source. Instead of this, the electric heating can also be used. 

The Pros and Cons

In the case of the wood baseboards, the most used material is the softwood. This will be long and will need uninterrupted pine boards along with the finger-jointed pine. The Hardwoods such as oak and hemlock can also be used instead. These are usually painted or primed. This will help in reducing the need to purchase all the expensive hardwoods for covering the beauty of the grain with the help of paint. This makes the hardwoods stained and sealed. The option of natural grain is seen as an advantage here.

This option is not seen in other materials like the MDF. The latter will have to be primed and painted at all times. Most of the MDF woods are primed and sold. This is not because of the demand, but because it helps to avoid any damage while shipping. But there is a disadvantage with the wood baseboard where the split can happen when nailed. Due to this fact, there should be extra care given during the installation process.

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