The BaseBoard Trim- Perfect Idea for a Change
30 Mar

The BaseBoard Trim- Perfect Idea for a Change

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The baseboard trim is apt for the bottom line of the wall. It should be according to the floor. Right baseboard trim is very important in baseboard molding, though it depends on the number of factors such as the style of a home, the material you choose, the budget and the design of the room. Baseboard trims depends upon the dimension of the product, and the style of the home. We need to do installing crown molding in perfect manner that’s why we should look for only good professionals.

Types of Baseboard Trims:

The perfect baseboard trim is within the reach of an individual with all styles and materials. Before making a decision in the relation of baseboard trim and homework should be done considering all the factors as a different baseboard molding can make a different look to your home. Few types of baseboard trims are as follows:

·         Rounded or Stepped Trim:

It is the most common type of baseboard trim used in lots of new constructions. It is just a piece of around 5/8 inch to 7/8 inch wide and three to three and a half inches tall and the top of the trim has rounded or stepped shape. Rounded or stepped trim is best for the modern home due to its relatively short profile and uncomplicated shape.

·         Sculpted Mid Height Baseboard Trim:

This type of trim is a better way to go with baseboard trimming. It usually ranges from about 4 to 51/2 in height and is about 5/8 inch thick. The top portion of the baseboard trim is decoratively shaped, often involving steps that taper towards the wall surface. Due to its variations in the sculpting and height, such trims can range significantly in price, which also depends on the material of the baseboard. These types of trims are a great way to add personality to any room in the house and would be the perfect choice for the dining room.

·         Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding:

In Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding the top edge of the trim is sculpted with stepped or curved details to provide visual attention and tapering into the wall surface. It is typically the most expensive type of molding and the cost generally varies according to the height, shape and the material used. Taller trim is a great choice that is large in scale and if you have high ceilings or large rooms, this trim can be an ideal one.

Painting or Staining:

Whatever you chose, either paint or stain, the trim depends on your personal preference, the color of the molding of your home and the type of flooring in the room. Several factors shall be considered before taking any decisions namely:

Contrasting Trim:

Painting or staining the trim in a contrasting color attracts attention to the perimeter of the room.

Coordinating with Other Trim:

The trim should always match the baseboard molding to the window or door casings and crown molding.

Considering Color:

The most popular color for painted trim is white though one should consider an easy to clean paint for it. 

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Baseboard Molding 6 inch

A good baseboard is a superb finishing to interior decor. It is gracious because it protects the lower edge of the wall from moisture damage, hides uneven floor surfaces, and protects the wall surface from damage by the vacuum or other bumps.Of our exquisite baseboard collection, BB-9750 Baseboard Molding stands out tall and proud. It is a 6” tall baseboard that is delightful as it is divine. It is made from high-quality polyurethane that has numerous amazing features.What can you expect from baseboard BB-9750?● It makes for a good link between the wall and the floorBB-9750 will sit firmly against the wall and be a fantastic finish to the overall layout of your decor. While its absence may not be immediately noticed, its presence will draw the eye and create a polished look that will stand out and blend in.● It is moisture-resistantBaseboards need to be moisture resistant otherwise they will be susceptible to damage as they lean to the wall. The polyurethane making BB-9750 is moisture resistant and will be good for any spaces that are moist, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.● It is mold and mildew resistantBB-9750 does not allow the growth of mold and mildew as it will not tolerate moisture absorption. This makes it a healthy addition to your home or office that will be safe and comfortable for everyone.● It is flexible Good polyurethane is malleable and will be easy to work around. This is fantastic news because it will allow you to easily make any adjustments you need.● It does not warp or crackBB-9750 adjusts well to weather conditions and will not swell, warp or crack due to extreme heat. This makes it all the more enduring and retains its quality.● It is lightWhile this baseboard is strong and flexible, it is also light and easy to manipulate. This makes it well-suited to install even by yourself using simple tools.● It is durableBB-9750 is designed to be long-lasting. You need not worry about needing to adjust it anytime soon after installation.● It is a budget-friendly pickOur baseboard molding packs good quality at a great price. BB-9750 is no exception. It will be a worthy purchase that keeps on giving or the long haul.● It comes ready to installBB-9750 is already pre-primed and ready to paint as you install. A word of caution: Test the paint out on a small surface before painting the whole board to make sure it blends well with the white primer.What will you need to install this divine product?❖ Nail gun or hammer to drive nails into the board and wall❖ Nail set to fix the baseboard permanently to the wall❖ Utility knife to help remove old baseboard if there is any❖ Adhesive to hold the joints together ❖ Miter saw to make mitered edges❖ Coping saw to make coped edges❖ Measuring tape, pencil, and level to mark the lines along which the molding will lie ..

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Baseboard Molding 4-3/4 inch

Baseboard molding is an essential yet often overlooked decor piece. It frames a room to perfect completion, complementing other molding pieces such as crown molding or wainscoting.Besides the aesthetic appeal, the baseboard comes in handy in protecting the lower wall surface from moisture and vacuum or furniture damage and hiding uneven surfaces.BB-9769 Baseboard Molding ranks magnificently in our molding portfolio. At 4-¾ inch height, it is a fantastic choice for 8-10” high ceilings. Made from high-quality, dense polyurethane, it packs awesome qualities that will add both style and value to your home.What can you expect of BB-9769?●     It creates a fluid link between the wall and the floorBB-9769 settles nicely against the wall to create a smooth link between the wall and the floor. This molding’s absence may not be immediately registered: However, its presence will instantly transform the layout of the room and give it a more harmonious look.●     It is flexibleGood molding needs to be pliant so that it is possible to adjust and work with especially on uneven surfaces. BB-9769 is made from good quality polyurethane that will be flexible and such a delight to work with.●     It is moisture-resistantPolyurethane is designed to be moisture-resistant. This makes BB-9769 suitable even for rooms that have high humidity such as the bathroom and the kitchen.●     It is mold and mildew resistantMoisture resistance is an important quality that makes polyurethane resistant to secondary attacks such as mold and mildew. This is an assurance that with BB-9769, you will never have to worry about the health hazards posed by mold or mildew, nor will the baseboard quality be ruined by these challenges.●     It is resistant to warping or crackingThe material making BB-9769 adjusts well to weather conditions, especially temperature. As it expands and contracts to accommodate these changes, it will keep from warping or cracking. ●     It is lightBB-9769 is made from light material that is portable and easy to work with. Its weight will not bear down upon the floor, allowing it to sit just as it is installed. ●     It is durableDurability is a key aspect of any molding purchased. With BB-9769, you can rest assured that the baseboard will retain its quality and luster for a good, long while. If anything, you will probably need to change it only when it is time to spruce up your home or office.●     It is cost-effectiveAll our molding products are designed to offer great quality at affordable prices. BB-9769 is no exception. This baseboard will offer great value in its versatility and durability. ●     It is ready to installBB-9769 comes already pre-primed and ready to paint. The primer is white and quite versatile- Most installers tend to paint their baseboards white. Moreover, the primer will easily blend in with the wall colors.Tip: Before painting the entire length of the baseboard, test the paint on a small surface to check that it does indeed blend with the primer.   With all of these amazing features, there is no doubt that BB-9769 is your ideal pick for that make-over you have been dying to do. ..

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Baseboard Molding 4 inch

A thick polyurethane compound is used for manufacturing of the crown molding. This is an architectural compound which is itself semi flexible and totally waterproof. This moulding is used before painting the ceiling or the wall. You can use either nails or architectural adhesives to install this crown molding. You can also paint this like you want just like MDF or wood colour. With any changes in temperature or humidity polyurethane will not expand, wrap or contract. This is a great advantage of this moulding. It is very much safe to install both in indoors and outdoors. Even in bathrooms or kitchen where the moisture is too much you can install these safely without any issues. This material will not ever rot and you don’t have to fear of any growth of mildew or mold as it will not. This doesn’t absorb any moisture. It is highly durable and as well as light in weight. You will need the following tools to install it –  Miter saw Air compressor along with nail gun Adhesives Caulk Spackle  Laser level Measuring tape ..

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