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Baseboard Trim
15 Dec

Baseboard Trim

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While the baseboard trim and styles might not look like a big deal since it goes in the bottom side of the wall, it still has a major play in changing the look of your house. The whole house will have the trim running around making it a vital point in the design of the house. To get the best baseboard trim there are various factors and styles to be considered. This will be based on the style of the house also. Further, the products which are chosen along with the space provided and the budget allocated will be taken into account to get the right baseboard trim.

·         The Plain: For the plain style of baseboard trim the requirement will be MDF. It is seen in all major patterns and it can be painted as well as stained. In most cases, paint is used for the MDF baseboard provided there is no grain pattern which will otherwise be shown as a highlight.

·         Vinyl: One other possibility is to go with the MDF which is coated with Vinyl. In this, the board can be cut, mitered and also set like any other normal board type. This board does come in all possible profiles, which are usually used in houses and services.

·         Baseboard: This is one of the diverse profiles here. This one is used throughout the house. Mainly it is taken for windows, door trims and for baseboard. One benefit of this type is that they can be stacked together in order to get a custom-made design.

·         Back Based: This is one of the popular techniques which is used in the MDF baseboard molding. The back-profile or the back-cut will fit midway over the given molding, which will help in offering a complete finished baseboard.

·         Major trim: There are several shapes, profiles and makes in regards to baseboards. Oe can choose from the variety of alternatives present. These varieties can be found in many places. The most popular varieties can be seen in the home builders place or with the property owners.

·         Stepped: The most typical type of baseboard trims is the rounded or the three-inch steeped baseboard. In this type, the top part of the trim has a round shape or otherwise, it will be perfectly stepped which will allow it to go into the wall easily. The cost of the products here will differ based on various factors. But this is one of the cheapest products and the cost will come around $1.5 for one foot. This price range is given for the material in oak.

·         Flat Molding: In the flat baseboard molding the back side of the trim is ridged so that it will allow for bending and for the setting up purposes. The thickness of the trim will vary based on several factors, but the usual one is 5/8 inches. This one is easy to apply as it is ready made. Another layer can also be added for decorative purposes which will give a more rounded look. 

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