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Top Summer Home Spruce Up Trends of 2016
05 Oct

Top Summer Home Spruce Up Trends of 2016

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Top Summer Home Spruce Up Trends of 2016

Kaitlin Krull

When it comes to getting your home ready for the summer months, the list of remodeling jobs can feel practically endless. In addition to prepping your outdoor areas for parties, barbeques, and general summertime fun, the inside of your house could probably do with a facelift, too. At Home Improvement Leads, we’ve come up with a few of the trendiest and most essential home spruce-up tasks you should complete this summer.

Update your porch

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor project to undertake while the weather is good, sprucing up your porch is at the top of our list. Take time to inspect your floorboards and railings, repainting and restaining them when necessary. If your window and door frames and trims are rotting or warped, replace these as soon as possible. Invest in a few good quality pieces of all weather furniture and cushions, and don’t forget to increase your curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint on the front door, a snazzy new number sign, and some updated lighting. Finish off your porch’s new look with a seasonal decorative door wreath and some hanging baskets or potted plants.

Restyle the entryway

After taking the porch into consideration, the first thing any visitors to your home will notice is your entryway. Give this space a new lease on life with new wallpaper or paint and think about adding crown molding for a classic, character-filled look. If you want to stick with the trends, bright white is as popular as ever, as is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2016—a combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity (this pink silk effect wallpaper would work perfectly). Furnish your entryway with a shallow sideboard with plenty of hidden storage or a storage bench and wall hooks, particularly if your hallway comes without closets. Complete your restyling with decorative accessories like fresh cut flowers, a statement piece of art, or a mirror to widen the hallway space.

Give your bathroom a facelift

While large scale bathroom renovations can take more time and money than most of us have available, there are ways to upgrade even the most tired bathrooms that won’t take up your whole summer. Re-tile any broken or damaged tiles over the shower or bath and repaint or paper the walls. When choosing a color scheme, remember that metallics and jewel tones are big this year, or opt for a brilliant white that will always work in bathrooms. If you want to add an interesting element to this otherwise functional room, we think that installing a dado rail and shiplap to break the room up or adding classic columns or wall ornaments to recreate a Grecian-style bath house are fantastic and creative ideas that will make your bathroom memorable.

Prep your mudroom

Summer is the best time to get your mudroom and utility area prepped and ready for an influx of traffic, dirt, and grime. You can easily update the look of your mudroom with a new wall border or fresh coat of paint to match the rest of your home—if you’re looking for inspiration, we particularly love this super trendy, contemporary geometric border. As far as textiles are concerned, rattan and wicker are both functional and right on trend, so make sure add both seating and storage to enhance this space. Finally, don’t forget a coarse mat and shoe storage area!

Complete other quick fixes

As a homeowner, you know that the list of home improvement tasks is never really complete. If you have the time and motivation to spare after spring cleaning and sprucing up the rest of your home and yard, freshen up the walls, ceilings, and trims in the most used rooms in your house—from our experience, the living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom are the highest priority for most of us. Add character to these spaces with ceiling medallionscrown moldingcorbels, and other period-style pieces that are easier to install than you might think.