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10 Dec


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Many question the purpose of polyurethane in the moldings. While it might sound similar to polystyrene it is quite different from it. This material contains all the benefits of wood, but it also avoids all the limitations that come with the wooden materials. In this material, the problem of splintering, cracking and rotting is not prevalent. It is often considered as a superior material to be used in the place of wood.   The polyurethane crown molding does come with a lot of benefits. It is of course designed for both the interior as well as for the exterior use.

 This molding will last longer than the usual wood crown molding and even longer than the MDF. Another advantage for the polyurethane crown molding is that it is pretty lightweight and hence it is also easy to use. When going for the installation side, it is usually primed earlier. Hence it will be ready to paint. The crown molding, in this case, will be manufactured with architectural type polyurethane compound. This material is dense and it makes way for the flexibility. It is also one hundred percent waterproof.

The finishing of the molding can be done with spackle or caulk or with any other choice in paint. The primary advantage of this material is that it will not expand in time. There will not be any warp or constrict formation in the due course which will usually happen when there is a change in the humidity or in the temperature.  Any area where there is a lot of moisture like the kitchen and the bathroom can make use of this material as it is safe to use there. This material will never rot and hence it is safe to install both in the indoor space as well as in the outdoor space. This is because it will not absorb any moisture also.

By going with the right sort of polyurethane trims a good effect can be brought to the house for just a menial cost. They will help in drawing out the character of a given room and will help in enhancing the beauty of the whole area. There are many installation drawbacks when it comes to the polyurethane crown molding. The transport of lengths in elevators, issues with concrete walls, noise restrictions, finding room for cutting, available lengths are some of the usual issues in the installation process. However, this can be eliminated by going to the professionals here. They will install it easily and make sure the mentioned problems are not occurring.

This is a good choice over MDF and wood installations. In the case of plaster moldings, it will take up a lot of space. In the case of MDF and wood, there will be more cost involved as the labor cost will shoot up. This is because added labor will be needed in order to brace the trim. The polyurethane material can be glued directly to the walls.  This will reduce a lot of cost in the case of labor and it will save time too. 

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