Modernization of interior columns goes a long way in creating the right impression for the house or room you are working on. It shows that you care about the appearance of the venue or residence. Even a vintage feel of column design needs modern touch, to repel a dull and unpleasant look.

Interior columns can be made up of several materials, namely;


  • Polymers e.g. polyurethane

  • Fiberglass

  • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer)

  • Authentic Wood

  • Classic Wood

  • Colonial Wood

  • Classic Stone

  • Advanced Cellular Vinyl

Each material comes with its amazing qualities as well as its limitations. It helps when you know a few details about the materials that are great for interior and exterior columns.

The choice largely depends on whether the column is intended to be load-bearing or simply decorative. Stone and hardwood have long been hailed as sturdy components for a supportive column.

Polyurethane makes for fantastic adorning columns as it is strong and durable. They are suitable in a wide scope of conditions since they are not prone to rotting or rusting. PU columns are also a wonderful choice for your interior as they are easy to work with to achieve different modernization styles and appearance.

There are several ways to modernize interior polyurethane columns, using different materials and purposes. The best part is that they are fairly simple and do not have to be costly. 

  1. Painting

Painting your column the same color as the rest of the walls in your room will help to make your area look more coherent. Using the same trim as your home's walls gives a lovely aesthetic touch. 

Contrast Paint- if you want to make your column an architectural center point in your room, consider choosing contrasting paint. 

Two-toned painting- another option to enhance your column is to use two distinct tones of paint. For instance, grey bottoms of the columns can serve as an accessory to white walls.

Check out these ideas on how to best paint interior columns.

  1. Use complementary molding 

Interior columns installed in isolation will likely feel and look lonely. To add harmony, complement it with other trim such as crown molding.

The molding may be simple, complementing the overall aesthetic of the space. It can match the doors or features near the column for an even more compact effect.

  1. Tile

Another method to add color and texture to your room is to tile your column. Mixing and matching tiles can be a fun alternative to typical tile patterns.

  1. Brick

Bricking the outside of your column can radically modify the aesthetic of your room, giving it a rustic or urban feel. If entirely bricking the column is too much brick for you, consider a partially bricked column.

  1. Wood

Another option for covering the column is wood paneling. For example, a dark wood that covers a column will contrast with the white in a room and is complemented by other accents. 

Consider peel and stick authentic distressed wood wall panels as a simpler alternative to wooden planks or even laminate wood planks.

  1. Marble

Marble is another stone that can bring a modern touch to your columns and an overall refined sense to your room for a high-end design. While marble is expensive, it can be custom ordered from a professional marble and granite company near you.

  1. Mirror

Mirror surfaces covering your column are one technique to almost blend it into your space. The mirrored column practically vanishes, reflecting images of the rest of the room.

  1. Rope

 A rope wrapped around the column all the way up or down for a nautical touch is an alternate approach to cover your column. Your column will quickly become a part of the room's design rather than a source of irritation.

  1. Shelving

If the placement of the column in your room allows, a shelf can make this space in between the column and the wall useful. Placing shelving units at different levels of the column creates a unique personalized shelf space. 

  1. Liquor/Wine Cabinet

If you’re a fan of wine, this inventive approach of utilizing the columns in your room involves the storing of liquor and wine. Install a wooden support beam or additional column, though not necessarily load-bearing, adjacent to the column in your room and add a shelf spaced far apart enough to house liquor bottles. Glass shelving can be interchanged with wooden shelves and notched wood can be used for wine storage

  1. Room Divider

As with many open floor plans, you may find it hard to distinguish one room from another. Using your column as a room divider can help solve that problem. 

  1. Storage cabinet

To construct a custom cabinet, shelving and a glass front are added to either the front or side of the column, depending on the size of the storage cabinet that you want to make.

  1. Wall art

Painted columns are ideal for displaying wall art, which can help to create a unified aesthetic for your room and will speak volume to your unique taste. 

Decorating your column with wall art that incorporates accent colors from your space is an excellent method to divert attention away from the column itself.

  1. Plants

Whether you prefer artificial or real plants, columns are a terrific way to add some greenery to your room.

  1. Trellis with vine.

A trellis is a big crisscross structure that serves as an excellent ladder for vines to ascend. Artificial vines can be entwined in the trellis to provide a realistic appearance without the mess of leaves dropping from genuine vines. 

Paired with exterior columns, this would make a beautiful patio to entertain friends or have a chilled afternoon catching up on your latest read.

  1. Lighting

Columns can be used to hang extra lighting such as wireless battery-operated sconces. They are easy to install with no need for complicated wiring. They make the column look resourceful as well as proving a good décor style.


Picture your home or the room you are working on with some of these trends. Imagine the reaction of your companions and even better, yourself each time you walk into the room. The elegance brought forth is to die for.


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