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Interior Columns

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Everyone becomes a designing expert when it comes to designing their personal space! Each one of us has a unique sense of designing and choices and our space needs to compliment as well as reflect this individual taste. A space only reflects personal taste when every single element is carefully selected and put together. It is important to pay attention to the tiniest of details to make up for the perfect put together look and style. Interior columns are one such significant element that can completely enhance the look and style of any space!

Interior columns have the power of design that adds a modern touch and well styled appearance. There are different styles and types of interior columns to choose from. Capital pieces refer to the squares well-fitted around a column to attach it securely to the ceiling and floor. At Dream Wall Décor we offer:

·         flat base

·         flat capital

·         flat column

·         flat column set

·         half base

·         half capital

·         half column

·         whole base

·         whole capital

·         whole column

·         whole column set

Our large selection of interior columns includes ornate and stunning designs. It is easy to install the three parts per column. Each column has a top, round, and column capital in which fitters are used for attaching the column. Our interior columns are meant to be used for decoration, not for holding up home structures. They serve a dual purpose in a room with an open floor plan, such as a living room that extends into the kitchen; they add visual interest and also mark a division between the two living spaces.

Dream Wall Decor interior columns are a safe and cost-effective way to add style and new life to rooms in your home. You can browse through a wide array of designs and categories to find the interior column that best compliments your taste and home. Our main focus is quality and we go beyond our way to ensure complete customer satisfaction! Our wide price range gives our customers the flexibility to choose a crown molding that best fits their budget without compromising on style or quality. From plain and simple designs to elaborate and ornamental ones, Dream Wall Décor offers a very wide selection. All our products are high on quality and made using the best of material, keeping with industry standards.