Wallpaper Borders in Home Décor. How to remove wallpaper borders
20 Jul

Wallpaper Borders in Home Décor. How to remove wallpaper borders

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Whether you have moved to a new house or are thinking of giving a retouch to your house, house decorating ideas always come handy. Decorating your house helps to give it a new looks and makes space feel lively and refined. Whether you own a small house or a big house, you can find tons of ideas to decorate your house to give the perfect shape to the place where you live. You can get your walls covered with some creative ideas to incorporate your personality into your space. Your house should be able to talk about you and your personality. So why not try styling your living space as per your style!

Your space- style it your way

Styling your house is a mixture of your exhausting and exciting emotions. Every corner of the house must be well thought, planned and styled in a way which speaks about your taste and choice. The interiors, exteriors, walls, upholstery, furniture and a combination of a lot more things make the decoration of your house complete. Every individual element which you keep in your house must possess its personality and also, it must blend with the other elements of the house. 

Plan out the layout of the room so that all the objects of the room fulfill their beauty and purpose. Your room must look well-planned with a perfect combination of elements. Along with this, the color of the room, furniture and all the other elements of the room must also match. Choosing the right color of the house will influence the feel and mood of the room. If you use lighter shades in small rooms an effect of amplitude will be created. In the same way, a dark shade in a big room will make it appear cozy. The purpose of the room also plays an important role in selecting the color of the room. The shades of color which are soothing are preferable for the bedroom as they help you to relax. On the other hand, brighter shades in the living room will help you to stay cheerful and energetic.

Along with the color and ambiance of the room, the flooring of the room is also an important aspect which increases the beauty of the room. Natural stone or wood would be a preferable choice for a living room or bedrooms as they create an earthier and snug ambiance. On the other hand, ceramic tiles in washrooms and kitchen will be easier to clean and also, they are resistant to moisture. Moreover, you must consider the local climate of your region before making the choice.

Furthermore, when you are deciding the other elements of your room, you must also decide its style. After all, you are going to spend a bunch of years with that style of your room. If you wish to give a classic look to signify elegance and sophistication, you can go for light colors, exotic furnishing, and exquisite accessories. If you wish to demonstrate your modern style, you can go for some darker or neutral shades with some metal finishes in your house.

Moreover, you can make an impression without the use of too many elements with the Scandinavian tone. Go for some sophisticated neutral colors with splashes of some contrasting vibrant tones and choicest stylish furniture to complement the look. Or else, you can go for eclectic rooms and demonstrate a combination of modernity with a classic touch. Place classic furniture or accessories with modern paintings in the same room and it will create a seamless look.



Wallpaper borders to suit your taste

Wallpaper borders are an important element of the house, which gives a unique look to your room. Therefore, you must be very precautious while selecting wallpaper borders. While selecting the perfect wallpaper border for your house, you must also give attention to the quality of the wallpaper border. Along with an amazing pattern, color and design, the quality of the border must be such that it lasts for long and does not gets damaged easily.

Every individual has a unique sense of aesthetics and style and the wallpaper border must to able to project the taste of the individual along with adding special effects to the look of the room. You will soon realize the importance of a good wallpaper border.

You can choose the different kinds, styles, colors, patterns, and prints of wallpaper borders to add stars to your living area. You can go for floral, vintage, architectural, garden, outdoor, contemporary borders and many more as per your taste and choice.

Moreover, if you get bored from a particular wallpaper border, you can simply remove it and try a new one instead.

Learn how to remove wallpaper border in different ways.

Heat method

For the heat method, you will need a steamer or a hairdryer. Turn on the hairdryer and set its setting to low with high heat. Let the warm air from the dryer to blow on the wallpaper to heat the glue to melt it. Once the glue has become soft you can peel away the wallpaper from the wall. You can also use a scraper to aid the process.

A DIY stripper or commercial stripper

You can buy a stripper from the market and use it to remove the border. Or else, you can make one by yourself. The application and usage of both kinds are the same.

You can use a cup of fabric softener and mix it with four cups of water or you can also mix a part of vinegar with equal parts of water to create your DIY stripper.

Fill a spray bottle with the strippers and spray the mixture directly on the borders. Allow the border to soak the mixture. The mixture will soften the glue and will cast away the border from the wall. Wipe the wall with a sponge damped with water.

Your wallpaper has been removed and now, your walls are all clean to experiment. 

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