Flat Molding 3-1/2 inch Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound

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Width 1 in
Height 3 1/2 in
Length 94 1/2 in
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Style Plain

Flat Molding 3-1/2 inch Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound

Flat molding is like a ribbon to a well thought out, well-packaged gift. It brings all other molding pieces together in a harmonious map of the space. Flat molding comes in the form of chair rail, casing, and wall and ceiling relief trim.

As a decorative element, it will add to the aesthetic appeal of other trim pieces such as crown and baseboard molding.

FM-5538 is a darling jewel of our Flat Molding category. At 3-½ inch height, it will rest beautifully upon a wall surface without being too domineering or invisible. As with all our molding pieces, it is made from high-quality, dense polyurethane.

What can you expect from FM-5538?

     It is flexible

The material making FM-5538 is pliable, allowing it to be easily manipulated as need be. This makes the installation work easier and will be helpful when putting it up on an uneven surface.

     It is resistant to moisture absorption

Polyurethane is superior to materials like wood because of its capacity to resist moisture absorption. FM-5538 will be great even in rooms that harbor relatively higher humidity such as the bathroom and kitchen.

     It is resistant to warping and cracking

FM-5538 will be protected from warping and cracking because the polyurethane adjusts to extreme weather conditions like heat.

Hint: Purchase your flat molding a few days before installation and keep it in the room to allow it to acclimatize to the conditions of the space.

     It is built to last

Durability is a vital consideration for any decor piece. These great features such as moisture, mold, and mildew resistance come together to make FM-5538 long-lasting. It is guaranteed to retain its high quality for a lengthy period.

     It comes pre-primed and ready to install

FM-5538 comes prepared for installation. It is pre-primed using a white primer that easily blends with any paint shade you desire. White is also the often preferred color as it is versatile.

Hint: Before painting the entire length of FM-5538, check how well the paint hue blends with the primer by testing it out on a small surface.

     It is budget-friendly

FM-5538 is great value at an affordable price. The fact that it is durable serves to reinforce its value as it will be a worthwhile purchase.

Here are a few handy tips for your DIY project;

     Often, the ideal height to position flat molding such as chair rail is contested. A good general rule of thumb is to set it in the lower third of the wall height.

     Where the goal is still to provide protection to the wall such as in a dining room, align the height with the height of the chair back to ensure maximum protection.

     Whatever style of flat molding you choose, select pieces that will not be too flat against the wall. They need to stand out as much as they are blending in.


With all these in mind, there is no doubt that FM-5538 is your best bet for the flat molding you seek.

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