Flat Column 6-3/4 Inch Wide

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Product Code: FC-6242

Categories Interior Columns  Flat Decorative Columns 

Tags:  fc-6242flatcolumn interior decorativecolumns 6-3/4inchwide

Width 6 3/4 in
Depth 2 3/4 in
Height 84 1/2 in
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Style Plain

Flat Column 6-3/4 Inch Wide

Columns are a sophisticated finishing that creates the illusion of sturdiness and support, even as they bring an air of ancient, Greek architecture into any space. Our flat column category houses exquisite designs that range from plain and simple to eccentric and intricate. 

At the top of this delightful list, is FC-6242. This column is molded as a complete piece and its height is adjustable by carving out the base. It has a 6-¾”  width and an 84-½” height. It is made from high-quality polyurethane that is chock-full of good qualities. 

What can you expect from interior column FC-6242?

It is light and easy to install

One of the benefits of this molding is that it is light. It will be easy to work with as you set about to install it.

It is waterproof

Polyurethane is designed to stay moisture free and as such, will not absorb humidity from the air. Because of this, it sits right at home in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the house exterior that tends to be moister than other rooms.

It is resistant to swelling, warping, and cracking

Column FC-6242 is flexible and pliable just as it is strong. It will not be affected by changes in weather conditions and thus will not crack when exposed to extreme heat.

It is mold and mildew resistant

Mold and mildew need a moist environment to thrive. Seeing as FC-6242 is waterproof, it will not harbor their growth. This makes it all the healthier an inhouse fitting.

It will not rot easily

Being waterproof is possibly one of the FC-6242’s greatest qualities as it makes it resistant to rotting. It supersedes wood molding products in this way as wood tends to be quite susceptible to rotting.

It is durable

When choosing interior decor pieces, durability is one of the most important aspects to consider. FC-6242 is a great investment as one installation is bound to last you a good, long while. 

It is affordable

This beautiful column piece packs numerous awesome qualities at a pocket-friendly budget. For a minimal investment, you will easily transform your space into one of elegance and grace.

It is exquisite

FC-6242 is a plain crown molding design. This is exactly what sets it apart. It is so beautiful in its plain design, that you need not worry about it fitting into your home decor plan. 

It comes pre-primed

This delightful molding comes already pre-primed and ready to paint in your desired color and hue.

Pointer: Make sure the paint you choose blends well with the primer. Most people prefer to paint it white as the primer color, which is also versatile and blends in easily.

What will you need to install this interior column? 

Adhesive to hold the column to the wall

Nails/ screws to fix the column permanently

Caulk to smooth the column edges


A measure and pencil to mark out where the column will lie on the wall

A nail/ screw drill to drive the nails into the column

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