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Does Discounted Wallpaper Borders Mean Tacky?
11 Oct

Does Discounted Wallpaper Borders Mean Tacky?

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When you hear about discounted wallpaper borders, does that fill your mind with goodness or dread? There is a common misconception with the word cheap at times—it can mean tacky or for the short-term only. That is not always the case for wallpaper borders that have been discounted. It will depend on a number of factors.

The Material of the Borders

The first thing to do is look into the material used for the borders. Woven wallpaper is a great option as it lasts for the long term and is easy to add and remove to and from walls. Your time decorating will be cut down considerably, while you stick to a budget. How will you stick to a budget? Woven wallpaper borders are more affordable because they are easy to create, and are in high demand.

As long as the material is good quality, discounted won’t mean cheap and tacky!

The Style of the Wallpaper Borders

Another thing to consider is the style. You want a style that matches your home, and works with your personal taste. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap something is, if it doesn’t work with your style it will not look good! Plan ahead and think about your purchase before you choose anything.

The Place of Purchase

While you’ve decided on the material and thought about the style, the best thing to consider is the place you are buying from. Online stores can cut the costs of materials and offer high quality discounted wallpaper borders. They have fewer overheads compared to the physical brick and mortar stores, and often pass the savings onto the customers.

Even if you do shop at a physical location, you need to consider where you buy from. Read reviews about the business, and find out more about the suppliers. Two stores could have the same supplier but one chooses to gain a smaller profit. This does not mean the lower cost is lower in quality or tacky—just that customers make savings.

When you see the term “discounted wallpaper borders” what do you think about? Is the first thought the dread of low quality? It will depend on why you buy from. When you find somewhere that is reputable, with material that is good quality, the low prices will be a blessing and not a curse.