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Flat Moldings and Chair Rail

Flat molding is an essential element of interior decor that ties every other aspect together. It comes in the form of chair rail, casing and wall and ceiling relief trim. 

Chair rail was originally prized especially for its role in protecting the walls from furniture bangs and scrapes. Today, it has gained popularity not just as a functional piece but also as a decorative element. 

This is in no way to suggest that its value is diminished. In any case, it plays just as big a role in completing the look of a space as a crown or baseboard molding does, if not more.

Casing, on the other hand, is an ideal piece to cover any unfinished gaps between the wall and door or window frames. It casts the whole room in better relief, bringing all the separate elements together in harmony.

Ceiling and wall relief trim are a fantastic way to create a focal point or accent. It is used to frame murals, mirrors or paintings and highlight their exquisiteness better.

As with all our trim and molding products, our collection of flat molding pieces are made from high-quality polyurethane that is;

Built to last

The material is durable and sure to retain its high quality through seasons on end.

Flexible and easy to work with

It is both strong and pliant, therefore easy to manipulate.

Resistant to mold and mildew growth

Polyurethane is water-proof and will not harbor mold or mildew. 

Resistant to warping and cracking

The material will remain the same through varying seasons, unlike others such as wood that swell and shrink as relative humidity changes.

Pre-primed and ready to paint in your ideal shade

There are no limits to how far your creativity can soar.

Great for a DIY project using simple tools

We celebrate our individualism and uniqueness by offering a wide selection of pieces that span from simple elegance to complex detail. They come in varying lengths, widths, and heights, suited to meet your decor needs. 

Here are a few handy tips for your DIY project:

Often, the perfect height to position the chair rail is contested. A good general rule of thumb is to position it in the lower third of the wall height.

Where the goal is still to provide protection to the wall such as in a dining room, align the height with the height of the chair back to ensure maximum protection. 

Whatever design you choose, select pieces that will not be too flat against the wall. They need to stand out as much as they are blending in.

We purpose to provide an easy and gratifying shopping experience on a budget. Have a fun time browsing through our collection.

Casing and Chair Rail 3-5/8 inch DM-8021
Flat Moldings and Chair Rail $4.00/ft  ($31.98/piece)

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