When my roommate and I moved into our current home, it was to three, blank, purple walls; the fourth hosting a generous window overlooking a clump of trees and a muddy river that I like to watch while I have my coffee. Naturally, our excitement was enormous- I am all paint and canvas and watercolors while she is a lover of crafts. 

By the second day, we were already planning what sections of the house to embellish with our art. We have recently been thinking to dress up one of the more lonely-looking walls with bits of trim.

Here’s a bunch of ideas that we’re toying with and thought to share:

Regular crown molding with a twist

Crown molding has always and will perhaps forever be hailed as trim royalty. This is not just because it happens to rest on the topmost section of a room but also because it quickly adds an air of sophistication to any space. It easily frames the walls and ceiling and will be a smooth transition to hides any unevenness.

Installing crown molding is super easy with a few handy tools. Depending on the desired style and aspects such as the ceiling height, crown molding options in our vast portfolio are innumerable and as elegant as they come.

Built-up crown molding

To add a creative punch, consider built-up crown molding. Stacked-up molding adds to the dramatic effect of the trim. It will be ideal for larger rooms like the dining room and living room and will be a definite eye-catcher. The best part is that this does not need to be an expensive affair. With your select crown molding and supporting trim, you can make your own stacked-up crown molding or enlist the assistance of your local handyman.

Thin trim for a modern look

On the flip side, thin trim speaks to the mantra that less is more. Thin trim will help to create a modern, minimalist feel. Pair thin crown molding with an understated baseboard, especially where the rest of the room is the ideal focal point. Assuming that the molding is painted white, contrast the trim with a solid wall color and an off-white ceiling to give the walls a taller visual appearance in addition to the aesthetic appeal. 

Crown molding on kitchen cabinets

Add crown molding to kitchen cabinets to give them a much-needed face-lift. Match the style of the molding to the cabinet to achieve harmonious elegance. For a bold statement, do not be afraid to paint the molding the same color as the cabinets- this will also add to the visual height.

Crown molding for an accent wall

While crown molding was traditionally designed to rest upon the ceiling and wall, this is not the only place it can rest. Trim is increasingly becoming an amazing accent wall feature, both for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Make a frame

Buying a frame for a large painting or mirror can be relatively costly, especially if it is customized. Thanks to the amazing creativity that lies within the DIY mind, you can make your own frame using trim. All you need is good crown molding and any other trim you’d like to add, a few tools, some glue, and paint! 

Mirrored elegance

Set a frame around the bathroom or hallway mirror to elevate it from a regular, old part of the house that everyone passes by to check their hair or tie, to a centerpiece that draws the eye of every passer-by. Such an accentuated mirror will also make a suitable addition to more open spaces such as the mantelpiece.

A painting for a frame?

Use the frame around that glorious painting of The Night’s Watch or the mounted portrait of your family or simply on that beautiful watercolor of a bowl of fruit. While a work of art is ever amazing as it is, adding a frame never goes wrong.

Frame your chandelier

Add a frame around the light fixture for a simple yet magnificent focus. As a ceiling medallion would add to the fixture’s appeal, so will the frame.

Create your very own art gallery

To keep in touch with the artistic side, use molding to create a wall art gallery for you or your kids. The molding will separate the ‘gallery’ from the rest of the wall. Paint a different hue such as a shade lighter than the wall just to separate it further. Thereafter, simply put up your work and arrange it so it truly does feel like a section of a renowned art gallery right at home!

A simple yet amazing accent wall

Trim frames do not necessarily have to be for pictures or mirrors. They can simply be to create the accent wall. To do this, simply use trim such as thin crown molding to create panels or ‘picture frames’ on the wall. Paint the panels differently to set them apart or similar to the wall to enhance the shadow effect.

Adorn a shelf

Use crown molding to dress up a shelf or two and then fix these to the desired accent wall. Because they are so functional, there really is no limit to where you can put up these shelves.

They will be a nice touch-up for the smaller living room wall often left ignored, a child’s bedroom wall to hold their toys, dolls, or the baby monitor, the wall in the study for a few prize trinkets, or even in the bathroom. 

Adding trim to a shelf is relatively easy as long as you can handle a miter saw and make angle cuts. Even where doing it yourself is not your forte, your local handyman should effortlessly come to the rescue.

When picking out the trim for any of these ideas, be mindful to get our high-quality, dense polyurethane that is light and easy to work with, ready to paint, and durable. It is moisture-resistant and will be great for all the spaces you have in mind, including high humidity zones such as the bathroom.

For now, I think we’ll embark on what we can do with frames for our walls. What about you?

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