9 1/16 in x 15 ft Prepasted Wallpaper Borders - Country Wall Paper Border CH77632

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Product Code: CH77632

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Width 9 1/16 in
Length 15 '
Pattern Repeat 21 in
Color Green
Material Vinyl Coated
Pasted: Prepasted, Washable, Strippable

9 1/16 in x 15 ft Prepasted Wallpaper Borders - Country Wall Paper Border CH77632

Wallpaper borders are the choice for the quick transformation of any space. They will easily bring color and warmth to any space, be it the kitchen, the bedroom, the dining space, or even the bathroom.

Our great selection of wallpaper borders offers numerous decor options for a dash of an elegant, classic, contemporary, or modern look.

What’s more, we offer quality and exemplary service at an affordable rate. Our number one priority is to ensure that you have a fantastic shopping experience.

What to expect of our wallpaper borders:

Easy to clean

The material making the wallpaper border is scrubbable and washable. It is very easy to clean using clean water and a sponge.

This makes it ideal even for the kitchen, where spills are not unexpected.

Breathable and water-resistant

A few decades past, mold was a serious problem that was unfortunately associated with wallpaper.

Thankfully, our wallpaper border material is water-resistant and will not harbor moisture or the growth of mold or mildew between it and the wall.

Easy to install and remove

The material is strippable, making it easy to handle while installing removing it.


The wallpaper borders come already pre-pasted, making it all the more effortless to install it.

Makes for a great DIY project

Because our wallpaper borders are easy to work with, they make for a great project at home using simple tools.

Tips as you make your purchase

Round up the measurements

As you buy the wallpaper, be sure to get more than the exact measurement so you have extra to work with.

While accidents are not favorable, they may happen. Better to have more paper than less.

Order from the same batch

New product varieties are constantly coming in each day. Colors and shades are ever-evolving. While two lengths of borders may be similar in design, they may end up looking slightly different.

For this reason, be sure that all your wallpaper border rolls come from the same manufacturer’s batch.

Verify the packaging

Wallpaper packaging sometimes comes packaged as a pair of rolls. Always verify whether your order comes as a single or double package so you do not end up with half or twice as much as you need.

Tips for installation

Pick out the best spot to hang up the border.

The wallpaper border sits best at the top third or bottom third of the wall. Envision where it will stand out best before installing it.

Prepare the wall adequately

Sand the wall area where you intend to put up the border lightly to smooth it over and then clean it properly with clean water, soap and sponge.

Fill out any holes and cracks and sand them over to smoothen them out.

Map out the wall section

Use a level and measuring tape to confirm that the wall is level. This will help you to align the border so it does not appear crooked.

Mark the path where the border will lie with a pencil. This will go hand in hand with checking that the wall is level to create a smooth, straight finish.

Number of rolls for a room:

Width of Room
Length of Room


Number of rolls for individual walls:

Width 1
Width 2
Width 3
Width 4
Width 5
Width 6


Number of rolls for total footage:

Linear footage

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