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Considerations for Kitchen Wallpaper Borders
11 Oct

Considerations for Kitchen Wallpaper Borders

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Remodeling your kitchen takes time and patience. There are so many different areas to think about, including the new worktops, the appliances and the color of the walls. What about the kitchen wallpaper borders? These can make your room stand out and look fabulous but there are different considerations that you need to think about.

The Placement of the Borders

Before you start adding a border all the way around your kitchen, you need to think about the placement. There will be backsplash from the stove and water, which could damage the intricate design, especially when made from wallpaper. You may find it better to have gaps between these areas of the kitchen and place tiles up to protect the wall.

The Type of Wallpaper Borders

There are different materials used to make wallpaper and one of those is non-woven. It is worth looking through the different types to find something that will suit your needs and any issues that you may have with backsplash from the sink or stove. You will also need to consider the ease of adding and removing the border around your kitchen, especially if you add it under the cupboards.

The Style of the Design

Would you like a pattern or a block color? There are pros and cons to both. Like when choosing a border for other rooms, it is important to think about the style and color. They need to match the base color for your walls and your own personal preferences, along with the color and design on your kitchen worktops.

It is also worth thinking about the natural style of your kitchen. Do you still have the brickwork showing through, giving the kitchen a more rustic style, or is it a modernized look? Work with the natural style when you add the kitchen wallpaper borders so that they blend together.

Kitchen wallpaper borders offer a creative way to add more style to the room. The trick is to think about the placement and materials. Wallpaper is easy to remove and apply but it may not be the best option for around your stove or behind the sink, where there is likely to be some backsplash of water or oil.