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Choosing Kids Wallpaper Borders for Your Home
11 Oct

Choosing Kids Wallpaper Borders for Your Home

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Whether you are decorating the nursery or your child simply wants to update her walls, you will need to think about the options available. Wall borders for kids are available and can really help to add style to the room without too much pattern. The borders can go around the top of the room or the middle, with a freshly painted wall in the background.

The trick is choosing your children’s wallpaper border that will work with the room. Here are some considerations to make to help with this process.

Allow Your Child to Choose

Instead of making the decision for yourself, if your child is old enough, allow him or her to choose. This will allow your child to put her own personality to the room and find something that suits the specific preferences and tastes. While you may think a floral border is perfect, your child may want superheroes or Care Bears on the walls of the room. Remember that your child is the one who will spend the majority of the time in here!

How Long Will It Stay Up

Your child may want something specific right now but ask her to think about her preferences in a few years time. While she still enjoy the Care Bears or other cartoon characters she is interested in now. However, sometimes it is what they want right now so find something that you will not mind changing within a couple of years.

Think About the Paint Color

The walls will need to be painted before the wall borders for kids go on. Think about the coloring of the walls to make sure the borders will match. The last thing your child really wants is clashing colors but she is unlikely to think about that detail, especially if she is young. Take a sample of the paint color with you when looking for the children’s wallpaper border to check that the colors don't clash.

Help your child choose the right wall borders for kids but try not to make the decision for him or her. This is your child’s room and it needs to be something she enjoys staying in. However, there are factors that she will not think about, including the paint color and the material of the wallpaper.

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