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Ceiling Medallions

Often, even where space is superbly adorned in tasteful layers of design, the ceiling tends to be left bare and forgotten. Often we forget that it plays a part in creating a unique, homely feel, perhaps as much as components like furniture do.

This is where a ceiling medallion comes in. It is the choicest piece to spruce up your ceiling and turn it from a bland, forgotten part of the room into an elegant center of attention.

 Moreover, it provides a beautiful transformation between a light fixture such as a chandelier and the ceiling, serving a functional purpose of also covering the fixture’s ceiling box.

Wondering where to install a ceiling medallion? They make a tasteful addition to the living room, kitchen, drawing room or dining room, creating a magnificent focal point.

Our designs

The beauty of a ceiling medallion lies in the intricacy of its detail. And that is exactly what we want to share with the world. Be it a seemingly simple face with concentric rings, or perfect markings that remind you of ancient Greece, we have these and more of the latest trends.

 They come in varying shapes and sizes and in wonderful finish options such as faded gold, white, and fall bronze. 

In ancient times, medallions were made of wood, plaster or papier-mache and were often too expensive or not very long-lasting. Ours come in high-density polyurethane that is not only light but also durable and affordable. 

Like all our other polyurethane products, these medallions are resistant to mold and mildew, extreme temperature and humidity, and are easily paintable. You need not worry about warping, cracking or peeling of the paint.

As with every other element, your choice of medallion has to fit into every other accent or decor piece harmoniously. Use your existing components such as the crown molding or corbels to guide your eye through our selection. 

Tools you will need to do this at home;

Drop cloth to cover all surfaces and protect them from dirt and any cuttings.

Wire nuts to cover wire ends and protect you from electrocution.

Cleaning equipment such as sponge and detergent water to clean the ceiling before installation

Compass and pencil to mark out the medallion hole

Drywall saw to create the medallion hole if not pre-made

Sandpaper to smoothen the edge of the medallion hole

Adhesive to fix the medallion in place on the ceiling

Caulk to cover the screwheads on the medallion

Drill with large bit and screws to hold the medallion in place while the adhesive dries

Touch up paint for the medallion and the ceiling


Tips to keep in mind when installing medallions:

Medallions are grand and majestic. They are mostly recommended for large and ostentatious rooms. This is however not to mean that you cannot have one in a smaller space.

Be careful to choose the correct size in proportion to the room. For this; 

Measure the length and width of the room.

Multiply these two measurements to get the square footage.

Divide the square footage by 7 to find the appropriate diameter of the medallion (in inches

Besides the length and width, consider how high the ceiling is. Choose a larger medallion for a higher ceiling and a smaller one for a lower ceiling.

If there is a light fixture, choose a medallion whose diameter is slightly smaller or slightly larger than the diameter of the fixture itself rather than the base.

Choose the color depending on what you want to achieve. For it to stand out in a subtle way, let the color match that of the ceiling. For a bolder outlook, choose a color that contrasts with the ceiling.

Move any furniture beneath where you intend to put up the medallion or cover it and floor with a drop cloth to protect them from spills and cut material.

Remember to switch off the power source before removing any fixture and putting up the medallion. Protect wire ends with wire nuts for extra protection.

Clean the area of ceiling that you want to install the medallion thoroughly and allow it to dry properly before installation.

Test the fitting of the medallion and how the assemblage comes together before you have permanently fixed the medallion. In this way, you can easily make any necessary amendments.

Are you ready to pick out your desired complement for that ceiling? We guarantee you quality products and an amazing shopping experience.


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