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13 Dec


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This is one of the tedious steps in crown molding. To do it perfectly, follow the steps below:

1.       Start with one section. In the first corner, note the wall which intersects the corner along the molding bottom and draw a line. For alignment keep a small piece of molding in the corner. Draw around it and keep repeating the process until the lines in each wall connect.

2.       Measure the wall from corner to corner with the help of a tape. Measure the first piece and mark it on both sides of the molding for each end. 

3.       Now place the molding inverted on the saw table. Keep holding the table thinking it is the ceiling where the side which will touch the wall should face you. This is for the measurement visibility.

4.       In the first section, there will be 90-degree cuts on both sides of the molding. It will be installed flush against the wall.

5.       Start marking the bottom of the second piece of the molding. Keeping the power miter saw to 45-degree start with from the left to right side.

6.       The wall side which you will be holding should face you and the molding’s ceiling part will be on the deck of the saw table. The first cut should be made where the saw should come down on the mark.

7.       Cut long, so that the entire extra piece can be shaved off. Now adjust the angle to 90-degrees. Start the saw down on the measurement keeping a little extra for backup.

8.       The back wood should be stripped off and on using a coping saw with 45-degree to cut away the back. Make sure the 45-degree cut helps in fitting the first piece.

9.       Check for the gaps by fixing the pieces. Fill the extra gaps with the help of a caulk gun.

10.   Continue the above steps. In case it is a room with 4 walls, then begin with a piece which has 90-degree angles. One piece should have two 45 degree angles too. It should be opposite angles.

11.   Keep the piece long as any extra piece will fill the gaps and prevent the wall from cracks.

12.   The necessary pieces will be one piece with 2 90-degree ends, 2 pieces with 90-degree ends and one with 45-degree end along with one piece which has 2 opposite 45-degree ends.

13.   Apply adhesive on the areas where the flat touch the wall and the ceiling. It should also be applied in the molding, which connects with the other piece.

14.   Make sure you have someone to help as installing the molding with longer pieces will need support.

15.   Now into the first corner push the first piece by applying enough pressure.

16.   Leave the adhesive to set. Meanwhile, start with the nails to secure the molding. For this process take a nail punch as it will make sure the nails go beneath the surface of the wood. It will also allow the nails to be painted over again.

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