Crown Molding 3 3/8 inch Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound CM 1300

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Width 3 3/8 in
Ceiling Height 8'
Breadth 4 3/4 in
Height 3 3/8 in
Length 94 1/2 in
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Style Smooth

Crown Molding 3 3/8 inch Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound CM 1300

You have painted the walls magnificently and set everything in place. All that is left now is tying up the room in a stylish finish. This is where crown molding comes in. It provides a graceful link between the wall and the ceiling and adds a sophisticated air to your home or office.

Our crown molding portfolio speaks for itself. Nestled within this fine collection is CM-1300. This 4-¾ inch molding is amazing for 8’ ceiling heights.

Designed in a smooth style, it is ideal for anyone seeking a simple but tasteful layout of their space. Made from dense polyurethane, it promises quality at a great value.

What can you expect from CM-1300?

     It is stylish

Cm-1300 is a plain, simple design that is great for an elegant look. It will tone down other eccentric decor pieces while also standing out in its own right.

     It is light and easy to install

For something that will rest high up against the wall and ceiling, crown molding needs to be light and not overbearing. CM-1300 offers just this. It is light-weight and will be easy to manipulate and install.

     It is waterproof

Moisture resistance is a key advantage of high-quality polyurethane. With CM-1300, you never have to worry about it absorbing moisture and deteriorating. This means that even in high humidity spaces such as the bathroom, kitchen, or the house exterior, the molding will be safe from damage.

     It is resistant to rotting

Resistance to moisture is a monumental edge of CM-1300. The molding will be protected from rotting which would otherwise diminish its quality and ruin its aesthetic appeal.

     It is mold and mildew resistant

Moisture resistance also protects CM-1300 from damage by mold and mildew that would otherwise pose a health hazard.

     It is resistant to cracking or warping

As you set up your interior decor, bear in mind that they will be affected by changes in weather conditions. CM-1300 adjusts with heat changes and as such, will be resistant to cracking or warping.

Tip: Purchase the crown molding about 48 hours before installation and keep it within the destination space to allow it to acclimatize to the room temperature and conditions.

     It is long-lasting

CM-1300 retains its quality over time and as such will be durable. It is an investment that will last until you are ready for another make-over of your home or office.

     It is budget-friendly

The best part about CM-1300 is that all these perks come at an incredible budget. At a small rate, you will easily change up your space to suit your creative individuality.

     It comes ready to install

CM-1300 is already pre-primed and comes ready to paint and install. The white primer is versatile and easily blends with other colors. White is also the preferred hue for most people and sets a graceful tone.

Caution: Before painting the entire length of the crown molding, first test that the paint and the primer blend well on a small surface.


There is no doubt that CM-1300 is a wonderful crown molding choice.

Number of rolls for a room:

Width of Room
Length of Room


Number of rolls for individual walls:

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Number of rolls for total footage:

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