Crown Molding 2 3/4 inch Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound

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Width 3 1/8 in
Ceiling Height 8'
Breadth 4 3/16 in
Height 2 3/4 in
Length 94 1/2 in
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Style Plain

Crown Molding 2 3/4 inch Manufactured with a Dense Architectural Polyurethane Compound

Good crown molding is an essential component of interior decor. It will determine how smoothly the walls and the ceiling interact. It will frame accent pieces such as a light fixture. It will hide uneven surfaces. It will complement the already divine layout of a room.

CM-1027 is designed to meet these needs. The 4-3/16 inch broad molding is ideal for 8’ ceiling heights and will equally stand out and blend in. It is made from dense polyurethane which speaks volumes about its quality.

What can you expect from CM-1027?

     It makes for a superb link between the wall and the ceiling

CM-1027 will sit securely against the wall and be a fantastic finish to the overall layout of your decor. Its presence will draw the eye and create a polished look that is both outstanding and blended into everything else. Its absence, on the other hand, will stick out like a sore thumb and leave a bland feel to the walls.

     It is light and easy to install

For trim that will rest high up against the wall and ceiling, crown molding needs to be light and not domineering. CM-1027 offers just this. It is light-weight and will be easy to manipulate and install.

     It is impenetrable to moisture

CM-1027 does not absorb moisture. This makes it befitting for any space, including those that are likely to have high humidity such as the bathroom, the kitchen, or even the house exterior.

     It is mold and mildew resistant

Moisture resistance protects CM-1027 from damage by mold and mildew that would otherwise pose a health hazard and lower its quality.

     It does not rot easily

Unlike other materials such as wood, polyurethane does not rot easily. This means that how you install CM-1027 is likely how it will remain over its lifetime.

     It is resistant to warping and cracking

Polyurethane material adjusts to weather changes, stretching out and shrinking with the shifting temperature.

CM-1027 is flexible and pliable just as it is strong. It will not be affected by changes in weather conditions and thus will not crack when exposed to extreme heat.

Hint: To help CM-1027 fit tightly on your walls, aim to purchase it at least 48 hours before installation. Store it within the room and allow it to acclimatize to the environment.

     It is durable

CM-1027 is designed to be long-lasting. You need not worry about needing to adjust it anytime soon after installation.

     It is a budget-friendly pick

Our crown molding packs good quality at a great price. CM-1027 is no exception. It will be a worthy purchase that keeps on giving for the long haul.

     It comes pre-primed

CM-1027 is already pre-primed and comes ready to paint and install. The white primer is versatile and easily blends with other hues. White is also preferred by most people and sets a divine tone.

Hint: Before painting the entire length of the crown molding, first test that the paint and the primer blend well on a small surface. 

Number of rolls for a room:

Width of Room
Length of Room


Number of rolls for individual walls:

Width 1
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Number of rolls for total footage:

Linear footage

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