Baseboard Molding 6 inch

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Product Code: BB-9750

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Width 1/2 in
Ceiling Height 9' – 14'
Height 6 in
Length 96 in
Color White Primer
Material Polyurethane
Style Plain

Baseboard Molding 6 inch

A good baseboard is a superb finishing to interior decor. It is gracious because it protects the lower edge of the wall from moisture damage, hides uneven floor surfaces, and protects the wall surface from damage by the vacuum or other bumps.

Of our exquisite baseboard collection, BB-9750 Baseboard Molding stands out tall and proud. It is a 6” tall baseboard that is delightful as it is divine. It is made from high-quality polyurethane that has numerous amazing features.

What can you expect from baseboard BB-9750?

It makes for a good link between the wall and the floor

BB-9750 will sit firmly against the wall and be a fantastic finish to the overall layout of your decor. While its absence may not be immediately noticed, its presence will draw the eye and create a polished look that will stand out and blend in.

It is moisture-resistant

Baseboards need to be moisture resistant otherwise they will be susceptible to damage as they lean to the wall. The polyurethane making BB-9750 is moisture resistant and will be good for any spaces that are moist, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

It is mold and mildew resistant

BB-9750 does not allow the growth of mold and mildew as it will not tolerate moisture absorption. This makes it a healthy addition to your home or office that will be safe and comfortable for everyone.

It is flexible 

Good polyurethane is malleable and will be easy to work around. This is fantastic news because it will allow you to easily make any adjustments you need.

It does not warp or crack

BB-9750 adjusts well to weather conditions and will not swell, warp or crack due to extreme heat. This makes it all the more enduring and retains its quality.

It is light

While this baseboard is strong and flexible, it is also light and easy to manipulate. This makes it well-suited to install even by yourself using simple tools.

It is durable

BB-9750 is designed to be long-lasting. You need not worry about needing to adjust it anytime soon after installation.

It is a budget-friendly pick

Our baseboard molding packs good quality at a great price. BB-9750 is no exception. It will be a worthy purchase that keeps on giving or the long haul.

It comes ready to install

BB-9750 is already pre-primed and ready to paint as you install. 

A word of caution: Test the paint out on a small surface before painting the whole board to make sure it blends well with the white primer.

What will you need to install this divine product?

Nail gun or hammer to drive nails into the board and wall

Nail set to fix the baseboard permanently to the wall

Utility knife to help remove old baseboard if there is any

Adhesive to hold the joints together 

Miter saw to make mitered edges

Coping saw to make coped edges

Measuring tape, pencil, and level to mark the lines along which the molding will lie

Number of rolls for a room:

Width of Room
Length of Room


Number of rolls for individual walls:

Width 1
Width 2
Width 3
Width 4
Width 5
Width 6


Number of rolls for total footage:

Linear footage

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