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Accent Elements

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Are you looking for decorative accents to enhance your home’s interior or exterior? If so, the Accent Elements at Dream Wall Décor are the perfect answer. We offer a range of beautifully designed, creative accent items at reasonable prices to suit any taste.

In your home, a great way to add modern style to a large open space such as a living room is with interior columns. They are decorative elements that come in ornate or simple styles that enhance a room exquisitely. Alternatively, choose a half column set for decorative appeal in a kitchen, office space, or outdoor area.

Casting and chair rails are also eye-catching accent elements that enhance a room without looking gaudy. A corner block, for example, is useful for painting a contemporary design on your wall, as an alternative to traditional art. Show your unique style when you select a beautiful accent, which also complements your home furnishings.

Other types of high-quality accent elements we carry are corbels, decorative niches, door and window trim, gable vents, rosettes, and wall ornaments. The selection is well-crafted to give your accents a long lifetime in your home. Find our full assortment of accent elements in the category pages below.