Accent Elements

Did you know that you can accentuate your walls using single pieces that stand out and complement the whole look of your space? Accent pieces are just what you need for this job.

At DreamWallDecor, we are all about designing and redecorating spaces to suit to embody your vision and dream. We place no compromise on the quality of our products or services. 

Our accents category houses the latest trends as well as the widest array of pieces to suit our customers’ needs. We offer exquisite works of art that will change the whole look of your home quickly, easily, and affordably. 

The ideal pieces for your home

Interior columns

Columns are a sophisticated ornamental finish that brings the air of ancient architecture to any home. They are perfect for large, open spaces such as the living room or the kitchen. Even when just for decorative purposes, they create the illusion of sturdiness and support. 

Our columns come in beautiful polyurethane designs that will not serve a supportive purpose but will make for divine ornate pieces. Whether you desire round, flat, or half columns, we have you covered. 

Our columns come in three pieces, the column shaft, capital and base, that are easy to install with a few handy tools.


Traditionally, corbels were used to offer support to ceilings, beams, and other structures. They were simple and carved out of stone. 

Since then, they have evolved into objects of timeless beauty and come in extensive sizes, designs, and materials.

Our polyurethane corbels are also not for supportive purposes but to enhance the elegance that is your space. Nonetheless, aim to create the illusion of utility by putting a few pieces over the mantelpiece, lining the kitchen countertop, or even as stand-alone pieces on the wall.

Decorative niches

A wall niche is a fantastic way to carve out more space in any room. More than that, it makes for a classy focal point that can house unique pieces such as a family heirloom. Our range of niches are so versatile, they will be suitable for literally any room.

Wall ornaments

These are graceful accessories that will easily add charm and grace to any space. Whether you prefer a simple border or a more detailed motif design, the options are limitless in size, shape, color, and design.

Ornaments are so elaborate that they tell a whole story just by themselves.

Why our high-quality polyurethane accents?

All our pieces are made from high-density polyurethane that is not only strong but also durable. It makes for excellent interior and exterior pieces because;

It feels and installs like wood and therefore brings with it the touch of class offered by wood.

It is easy to work with using simple woodwork tools. This makes it great for DIY projects at home.

It is resistant to harsh weather conditions such as high heat and humidity. This makes it ideal even for spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom.

It is resistant to rotting, cracking or warping.

It does not allow the growth of mildew or fungus and is less prone to insect attack

It is environmentally friendly as it does not contain toxic fluorocarbons

Because it does not expand and contract easily, it will not cause paint to crack nor permit moisture beneath the paint layer. How great is it to know that you do not have to worry about peels or bubbles!

What are some handy tools you will need for any of these DIY project installations?

Sponge and clean water to clean the part of the wall where the accent will rest

Paint and brush to coat the accent in your desired finishing color

Adhesive to fix the accent to the wall

Hammer and nail set/ screws and a drill to help fix the accent more permanently

Caulk to hide any gaps and provide a smooth finish 

A measure and pencil to map out where the accent will lie

While each of these pieces is sufficient as a lone item of interior decor, you must remember that every piece of furniture, every artistic element and every bit of color needs to come together seamlessly to bring out the complete transformation of your space.

 Always choose accents that will simultaneously be unique while also blending in with everything else. DreamWallDecor is just what you need to achieve this goal.